Track Focus Moving Automatically...

Created a new topic because a mod edited the subject to my last thread - it is NOT a stuck arrow key

I recall seeing this before but can’t remember how I fixed it…

Anyway when I start Renoise (2.6.1 - osx 10.6.5) or open any renoise project the track focus moves from left to right constantly as if I was holding down the right arrow key.

even when my keyboard is disconnected …

any ideas ?

cheers & happy new year

There was another OSX user who was having some keyboard problems. It wasn’t the exact same problem as this, but maybe the information is still relevant. He managed to solve his keyboard problem by logging out of his OSX user account, into a different user account, and then back into his original account. After doing that, the keyboard issues were gone. Perhaps you can give this a try?

cheers dblue, you are officially 100 times more helpful than taktik.

edit: your suggestion worked.

Good to hear :)