Modlys: Mit hjerte altid vanker

Today is the third sunday of advent. I’m happy to present a new version of “Mit hjerte altid vanker” (Brorson), music and melody are new.


Wow, that’s absolutely beautiful.

(And now I know what sound ‘ø’ makes. :lol: )


That colour! :dribble:

It’s so clean sounding and beautiful. That must be a real piano, right?


Actually it’s the MIS piano samples

Curse you slow internet! This will take me forever to download :c

why do they have to pad the files with 30 seconds if silence? Oh well, I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Don’t think it’s silence, isn’t it because they are supposed to be non-looped, so they have long (for low notes loooong) decays?

I hereby promise that as soon as renoise supports sustain pedal for native (sample based) instruments I will finish and make publicly available the mis_piano.xrni :slight_smile:

That would be wonderful, thanks!

I’ll just leave all these files downloading in the background… It’ll be done eventually :P

Alright so I had to dig through the archives to find this. I’m going to hold you to your word :D

Ah, so you’re the same person that suggested the hack:

I haven’t had time try it out yet, if it really works, I’ll keep my promise and release the pianos I build. I’ll have to get official permission from the various sources, first, though…

haha yeah - and, sorry I don’t mean to pester you
I just suddenly remembered that great sound and thought I’d take the opportunity to remind you :P