`Modualtion Target` feature

Love the new modulation section, but limiting it only to Volume, Pan, Pitch etc seems a waste - how about a HYDRA-style thing here? Then we can send the mods to different targets (eg effects or pitch frequency.

Otherwise, loving R3


Also LFO and envelope inter-modulation would be sweeeeeet.

Is it really needed when we have internal fxs (and meta devices) now?

Apples and oranges IMO. Being able to modulate effects as part of the synthesis engine makes instruments much more powerful.

But for now, that’s a workaround, yeah.

  • for expanding modulation destinations…

I suppose that i cant fully imagine what midi error means, because hydra controled by drawed lfo sounds to me like what he needs.

Could also lfo modulations modulate other lfos in modulation chain…

Ah, yeah, that might do it for his purposes, not sure.

For me, I was excited about the fact that the effects are rendered per-voice so it seemed natural to be able to, for example, control delay time using an ADHSR. I was surprised to discover that you couldn’t do this. Not that it’s something that’s easy to do in most other DAWs but it just seems like the interface/architecture stops just short of allowing it. It would be a pretty simple way to get some freaky sounds going with minimal ingredients - just my cup of tea :)


Still dont see difference between drawed lfo pointing at a delay time and this, License.
What migloJE says is something that i can not reproduce by internal DSP, so got that point ;)

i think this topic should go together sample offset modulation and crossmixing

In a word, polyphony. More generally, though, more elegant and intuitive management of processing - track vs. instrument. Relying on the track DSP bus for instrument-specific processing couples it with the instrument in a way I’m not too fond of.

Also while you can use a track LFO to modulate delay time, and then reset it manually to fake an envelope, you 1) lose the parametric, more “liquid” control that the ADHSR gives you and 2) have to take the extra step to manually reset it 3) have to redraw it if you don’t like its curve.

Hmm, maybe the phrase editor can be used for this though…

This surely isn’t a high priority thing for me. Just a luxury feature that would be a fun, easy, and interesting potential source of new sounds.

Bummer, can’t control effects with the phrase editor. Which I guess makes sense based on how the phrase editor is shared with all samples of an instrument, and those samples can have different effects chains.

Another disadvantage to having to trigger the LFO manually to create an effect modulation envelope which is actually a subset of point 2 of my last post: you can’t easily jam on the envelope with MIDI notes.

There we go, that’s the post I was looking for. Gotta quote it.