Modulation devices don't have "Dest", "Scaling"?

(martyfmelb) #1

In the “regular” Velocity Tracker metadevice, you have Dest, Dest Min, Dest Max, scaling
In the modulation version of the Velocity Tracker metadevice, it behaves like a numeric operand only – you can’t map it to a downstream parameter.

For example, I was looking to vary the decay of an AHDSR via a Velocity Tracker. I couldn’t do that.
I could wire a Velocity Tracker to a macro via *Instr. Macros, and then wire the macro to the AHDSR “Decay” parameter. And that works really well for monophonic playback, I’ll use the living daylights out of it for that purpose :)

But as soon as samples begin to overlap, the lack of per-sample velocity-tracking becomes noticeable e.g. a loud note held-down while a quiet one plays in the middle modifies both envelopes to short-decay.

Really ghetto interrim solution (don’t have time to unbreak ‘clamp input velocity’ functionality in this mock):

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