Modulation Envelope - Min size is 256ms, can it be lower please?


Doing some granular mangling with phrases, sample offsets and envelopes. The volume envelope can only be set to 256ms at the shortest; some of the grain stuff im doing is around 25ms. Would it be possible to have this limit removed ? It would allow for more efficient CPU usage when using really short envelopes.

Hope that makes sense!


PS. Absolutely love the new instrument in R3 and Redux, the complexity and depth of what you can create is really something!

You can extend the envelope’s overall time , by just clicking or draggin.

The speed of the shortest envelope section is dependent on the underlying tpl engine

I have asked this before ( 2 years ago -) , nothing since .

Lot’s of things can be improved in the instrument section , also the drive is always post envelope ( it affects the envelopes shape )

And yes ,the envelopes aretoo slow ,

And let’s bump my old thread :slight_smile:

Thanks for this, wasn’t aware it was already discussed.

I was hoping it was just a simple locked variable that could be fixed, but I understand why its a bigger issue now.