Mommy Loves Baby - English Version


My 1st video [with Amiga X1000 in the background] called:

Mama voli bebu // Mommy Loves Baby (2013)

…had great success [and over million viewers knows about Renoise tracker & new Amiga computer existance] ;)

So I decided to release English version and you can find it here:

Mommy Loves Baby (You’re the Sun of Mine) // Мама воли бебу (2013)

I hope you will like that one too :)

Wow !!! Just Wow !!!

and I also mention your other funny vid:


Yes, Kurtz. 1st video has over a million views, english version is now over 30k and Harlem Shake - the Pigs - over 45k… :)

this is great! you make the videos yourself?

Yep :) All alone (except singing female voices) :)