Monomachine Sequencing Different Instruments

How can I use my 6 midi-sequencers (from my monomachine) to control 6 different instruments in renoise?

I’m seriously getting disappointed. Renoise has too much flaws, which I didn’t catch on the demo.

I just bought it last month, can’t say I’m happy with it :confused: But every music software is so damn expensive that I can’t really complain :(

you can assign the MIDI channel of the instrument in the MIDI properties of Instrument Settings tab; maybe this is what is needed in order to control the different MIDI sequencers of your machine

It does …just assign a midi channel to the vst instrument and choose a mixer output channel

Currently Renoise supports using two midi-in controllers at the same time.

In Windows you can use some third party stuff to try (Chapter “merging MIDI data”):…ng-for-renoise/

On the mac you can do:…amp;#entry94856

At least for now it is hopefully better than nothing…