Recording From Garage Band To Renoise, In Real Time


  1. Download and install the above free software.
  2. In Garageband, set the Audio Output to “Soundflower (2ch)”
  3. In Renoise, set the In Device to “ma++ ingalls for Cyclying '74: Soundlfower (2ch)”
  4. The end.

Garageband comes with some nice sounds and amps. Renoise 1.8 has a Line-In Device and a Recording Pannel. The rest is up to your imagination.

I played guitar and bass through Garageband, routing into Renoise Line-In, with additional VST’s. Same with some of the built in instruments.

Replace Garageband with “any application”, go nuts.

Yay, audio routing.

Thanks man!! great program:)

…replace Garageband w/ Ableton running Guitar Rig… :dribble: !!!
i’ve been wanting this for so long, thanks!!

Replace guitar rig with a marshall and two mics !!! :guitar:


I can’t believe this was under my nose all along and I totally didn’t clue in… Who needs rewire when you run OS X? I’m now routing midi signals into Garageband from Renoise. Renoise is my sequencer and Garageband is my instrument. Hooray.

Using the Inter-Application Communication (IAC) driver

You can set up the IAC driver to allow MIDI applications to transfer information to each other. For example, you might have a MIDI keyboard application send its MIDI data to another MIDI synthesizer application.

To use the IAC driver, you turn on the driver, then specify the number of busses you want for your applications. Each bus (sometimes referred to as a port) provides a source and a destination which will appear in your MIDI applications. You then specify that one application use the bus as destination and another use the same bus as a source. For example, one application sends information to Bus 1 as a destination and another application receives that information from Bus 1 as a source. Thus, one application sends information to a bus and another application receives data from it.

To configure the IAC driver:

  1. Open Audio MIDI Setup.
  2. Click MIDI Devices.
  3. Double click the IAC Driver icon.
  4. In the IAC Driver Properties dialog, click the “Device is online” check box to turn on the driver.
  5. If you want to configure the connections, click More Information then click Ports.
  6. If you need more than one bus, click Add Port to add the busses you want.
  7. Specify the number of MIDI in and MIDI out connectors for each bus.
  8. Click Apply.

This is just what I needed, awsome.

I had read about soundflower somewhere before… must have been some mac music site or something.

also check out Jack OS X

this is so brilliant. thanks SO MUCH for this info.

Yep…Worked on first try …Thanks for making my transition from reason to renoise much easier on me :)

:w00t: BW = HERO

Thanks for the thorough description, it really helped me open up a new world of instruments! I do have one problem, though, and that is how I can use several different instruments at once from GarageBand. I can’t figure out how to tell GarageBand to route signals from IAC Bus 1 into track/instrument 1 and signals from IAC Bus 2 into track/instrument 2. It only routes from one bus into the active track/instrument. I’ve set up several IAC Buses in the Audio MIDI Setup, but I’m unable to find a way to tell GarageBand that there’s more than one bus. Ideas?

Garageband can be a Rewire Master. Rewire Slave ability was introduced into Renoise after this thread was created. Have you tried ReWiring Garageband and going from there? The information in this thread is probably out of date?


Mostly, I now use Ubuntu Linux. No idea.

Yea, I’ve tried the ReWire thing, but that requires me to use GarageBand more than I’d like. Basically, I’d love to just use GarageBand as a static MIDI instrument bank and nothing more. Since ReWire requires GarageBand to be master and Renoise to be slave (which only works on the 32-bit version of Renoise, by the way), it looks like I need to do arrangement and such in GarageBand, which is an application I don’t really have any interest of using.

Then indeed use IAC or Copperlan. But Apple comes with IAN out-of-the-box so i would suggest trying to set clock master and slave synchronisation through that first.

I’ve set up the IAC stuff, but as I mentioned, GarageBand only seem to support one bus/channel/instrument at a time, so only the active track/instrument in GarageBand is receiving the MIDI commands from Renoise. I’d like to set up several instruments in Renoise to control several instruments in GarageBand. Impossible?

I’ve figured out an OK solution: Not using GarageBand. I’ve now downloaded SimpleSynth instead, which can load the same instruments as GarageBand and assign them to different MIDI Channels, which makes one IAC Bus able to carry MIDI signals to 16 different instruments in SimpleSynth. It’s almost perfect, but not quite. I don’t get GarageBand’s effects, which makes some of the instruments less cool, like the “Big Electric Lead”, which is basically just a “Clean Electric Guitar” with Compressor, Amp Simulation and Chorus effect.

So for unmodified instruments (like pianos, acoustic guitars and such), SimpleSynth works great, but not for modified ones. So I can’t have my cake and eat it too, but at least now I have cake. :)

Well, a pity Garageband sucks in that matter…, is simplesynth the only host that can read Garageband’s instruments?

Noooooooooooooo! :(

Indeed. But as long as there’s only one instrument I want GarageBand’s effects on, it works and I can use SimpleSynth, or even better; the “AU DLSMusicDevice” as described here. :)

I guess i misunderstood what you’re trying to do here, but why don’t you just run Guitar Rig as a VST directly?
I get almost no latency in Renoise and i record the guitars dry so that i may switch the Guitar Rig settings later. :)