Monome (arduimone) Group Buy

In anticipation of native OSC for Renoise, I thought I’d point you towards a group buy (for big discounts) on complete monomoe (arduinome) kits that’s still going on in the Monome forums. These kits use a newly designed 2-board system by Starfire.

Here’s Starfires blog about it:…e-and-released/

And here’s the group buy thread on…6492&page=1

And here’s a video showing what the button pads he chosen to use from Livid Instruments look like etc:


I’m in. Everything gathered up and sent to you for one low price. Currently estimated at <$120 including shipping and handling etc. DOES NOT INCLUDE LEDS OR ENCLOSURE!!!

doesn’t renoise also need midi-feedback for this to be interesting?

i wanted to buy a novation launchpad,but it kind of useless with out midi-feedback,so hopefully that will be in renoise in (only hoping)2,6

I think that OSC support will take care of all that… at least as long as the app for the monome is written appropriately. I’m still learning about all this stuff so maybe I’m wrong.

FYI: The group buy ends this Sunday (20th). The more people get on it the cheaper it will be!

So much for leaving it long enough for us all to do our Christmas shopping etc like he promised :rolleyes:

Some time in January would of been much better, after the next pay day preferably. Nevermind though…

You don’t have to pay until January I don’t think.

I want to buy cheap monomes!

How do I join in? What will I need to do?
Can I get some 16x16?
I’d love 4x 16x16 (32x32 ftw!)

$120? I’m keen.

Read thru this to make sure you know exactly what this is all about:…6492&page=1

Then add your info to the spreadsheet that’s linked in the first post.

Order! Order! Save me money! :D

I’m gonna have an electronic class in january… however I’m not sure if I can build such a device… would you like to build it for me for some extra money compensation? Depending on the price I might be willing to buy more than one… I guess the more we buy (as the group on the spreadsheet I mean) the less we pay right?

I’m confident enough to build my own but definitely not confident enough to build one for someone else (I don’t like when things are my fault). :P

If you’ve got a class coming up you should know everything you need within a week or so. If not, the instructor will be the perfect person to get help from. Maybe a little brown-nosing with a “extra credit” project? ;)

Yeah that sounds good…

The instructor now builds robots controlled by max msp and he even played in an electronic band in the 80’s (with 808 and stuff) so yeah he can probably help me…

When is the limit to order? I’d like to make sure I can build this project before buying the stuff.

Haven’t really got time to read through and disseminate it all at the moment.

Can somebody surmise what usual costs are, what savings are likely to be (could see it when reading through a bit of it as the poster didn’t know) what exactly out of the spreadsheet is needed and if they came to a solution for doing a 256 one with the boards on offer (rather than the 64 they have been designed for.)

Muchas gracias if you can!

There’s several people looking at building a 256 with these but I haven’t really paid attention to that part. I’m only going for a 64 as I think that will be more than I can handle. :P

I know that “official” monomes go for ~$500 (assembled and beautiful).

For the Starfire kits (which you have to assemble and figure out an enclosure for) the two boards are ~$20 together and the parts kit is going to be around $20. The button pads from Livid were $17.88 after shipping for me and I also got the spacer for them for another $8. You have to get your own LEDs which can be found in lots for very cheap, let’s say $10 to be on the safe side.

So add all that up plus shipping and you’re in the $100 range, give or take, and not counting whatever you choose to do for the enclosure.

Eh, I don’t know if that was helpful? Basically, if you’re willing to do the work yourself you’ll save about 75%. :)

Thinking about it… I won’t buy if it’s only a 8x8 because I already have a launch pad (and I don’t want to spend money to have 2x the same thing even if I could use them together…)

I’d rather invest in a 16x8 or 16x16 monome…

When you say 500$ is that the price for the 16x16?

$500 is for an 8x8 directly from Monome. A 16x16 is $1400!

Check it out:

You could make 4 of the 8x8’s and enclose them together using a usb hub to connect them all at once to the computer and make them act like a 256 (16x16).

It’d be more work but approximately $400 compared to the usual price might be worth it.

and the 4x 8x8 would work as a 16x16 in terms of messages sent by each buttons?

That’s how I understand it. You’ll get a much clearer explanation on the forum. There should be a “how to” on exactly that.