Monome (arduimone) Group Buy

I am pretty sure. I do not have a monome/arduinome yet myself but from the reading I’ve done (my work is slow) you can change the ‘offset’ in the arduinomeserial so that the column and row for each of the monomes is set to 8 appropriately.

I’m going to try and make a 128 which will consist of making 2 64’s, connecting them via a usb hub to my computer and running arduinomeserial and setting one of them to be offset by 8. It will recognise it as what is usually referred to as an 80h (harking back to the 40h monome) and there are a number of members of the monome forums that have done this as well as a couple on that group buy planning to make a 256.

Thanks for the detailed reply egr.

When I skim-read the page it did mention using a hub to turn 4 64s into a 256 using a USB hub. Something about setting offsets and rotation with the Max software or equivalent. Thinking, two 64s may actually be better for my usage.

I know buying the kit and building it is going to save a lot over the official units, I meant saving from the group buy over normal. Seen one of these in construction before, one of my work colleagues has built one and a few other MIDI projects. I was never that interested until we got the Matrix, although still a little wait before we can use it truly natively. Still that gives time to build and test ;)

EDIT: Well I decided to take the plunge and have gone in for two full sets. Have to have a word with my friend about enclosures now. If anybody wants me to report what he used let me know.

It’s interesting but I’m gonna have to wait for my electronic class to see if I can do this kind of project because I can’t risk to buy this stuff and can’t build it.

The price would be very interesting for a 16x16 tho.

Why not buy it now and make it later on?

This is probably as cheap as you might get it.

You’re right.

I think I will contact my teacher before the class start to learn a bit more about the class and see if I could actually build this. Now that I’m having fun with my launchpad, I want a 16x16 monome… and it would be awesome DIY.

Is there any instructions available? any other info?

Also, I’d like to really know everything I need to build this.

I understand that the casing does not come with it but that’s quite trivial.

Now what do I need? the buttons? Is there anything else than this: ?

LEDs? any leds? the standard ones? like this?…#ht_2827wt_1177

1 Livid Button Pad (thats what I linked up there right? the spreadsheet says “non-usa members only” I’m from Canada does it work? Is it because people in the US can easily order it themselves?)
1 Starfire AIO Logic Board
1 Starfire Button Board
1 Kit (I understand that this is capacitors, resistors, etc)

What else would I need? LEDS + cables + case and that’s it??

edit: I’m in, I know myself enough to know that I’ll get this project done and figure out my needs in time.

The button boards that starfire developed are designed for the livid button pads so you will need those. Otherwise you are correct, the button pads from livid, 1 of each board from the group buy and a kit (which includes everything you’ll need but the leds), 64 3mm bright leds (proper brightness rating has slipped my mind), a usb cable from 2.0 to 1.1 ends and an enclosure of some kind.

If you don’t feel confident with the surface mount component you can buy (for about £12 but I’m not sure about in canada) a through hole version of that component that starfire has said will work just as well and could be easier to solder.

Starfire has a blog which may have instructions for the overall build of this type of arduinome but I’m not sure, otherwise I think/hope that the boards will be obvious as to were the components go and if not I imagine that, as it’s the monome community, someone will post a build guide for it.

Sounds good… I can’t wait to start…

However I’m not sure what you meant by:

What do you mean by surface mount component?

Also, now if I understand correctly, a 16x16 monome made with this would take 4 usb slots and would act as 4 8x8 monomes and it’s up to be to offset the osc messages so I get 16,16

Right? I don’t have much experience with osc.

Surface mount component is essentially a smaller component that are soldered onto pads instead of having metal leads going through a hole in the pcb and soldering on the opposite side of the pcb. Starfire has posted a video detailing how to do this and it doesn’t seem impossible.

And yes that’s how it works. Arduinomeserial should take care of that part.

Oh this seems great.

I’m now considering making 4 8x8’s instead because of the possibilities it offers (can turn the set into 16x16, 32x8, 8x32 and all the L shapes)

But I also like the idea of having only 1 controller instead of 4, but a controller that is at least 4x more awesome… However if I ever want to sell, it would be easier to sell 8x8’s and I could like sell only one and keep the rest… hmm hard decision… I’ll take my decision later.

The prices on this came out great! I think the grand total not including enclosure will be under $80.

Well I don’t have access to the spreadsheet so guess offer is closed now and limited to everybody who had added their numbers to the list before now. Was just about temped to change from 2 to 4 at that price…

i’m in the process of building some of these with friends. don’t underestimate the trouble and cost of getting boxes and faceplates done. it’s a real pain in the ass.

Yeah I saw the email, apparently he found a place that is even cheaper!


Once I get mine done I’ll get pics of the enclosure that my brother is probably going to make… maybe he could sell a few…

Has anybody completed payment? He says to PayPal to the email in his profile but it is listed as n/a…

Use the first email on the pdf that he’s made available. Mine went thru and he’s confirmed that he got it.

(pdf has been taken offline.)

EDIT: You mean first one in the list on the finalised one, not the earlier editable list. This is the same email as he has messaged people from and I asked him to confirm it is the correct one before making payment…

Yeah the one he has emailed people through already is the one.

Yeah I’m now in the process of verifying PayPal as they must of changed something at some point as it wouldn’t let me add a new card as the one I have listed on there doesn’t exist any more. Will get it sorted within next few days though…

Nope, nonome is the novation launchpad monome emulator and is on the monome forums.

I can’t remember the apc40 ones name but that should be as well.

They aren’t as responsive though.

Hey, Starfire here.

If you have any questions about the project or assembly, feel free to ask.

I have a site up with videos to help also

Actually that info will be printed right on the board too :P

I’ll be adding more videos as I make them.