More File History Entrys for loaded and saved files?

Hello together!

Is there a way to do this? In Renoise config i dont found any option for this. Is there a Tool for this thing maybe?
In my Memory i had use such of this years ago in my first Renoise phase. But i’m not 100 percent sure.

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Shows the most recent saved and loaded, up to 10 each

I will try. Thanks mate!

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Cant Download it. File seems to be deleted from Dropbox. :frowning:

Found it: GitHub - cascassette/renoise-tools: Renoise Tools

Some assembly required : )

To install (sorry if this is known):

Find your folder for Renoise tools. On Windows, it should be


where n.n.n is the Renoise version number.

(See also How To Manually Install Xrnx Files)

In that folder create a directory named nl.jeweett.RecentFiles.xrnx

Download the files here renoise-tools/nl.jeweett.RecentFiles.xrnx at master · cascassette/renoise-tools · GitHub

and place them in that new directory.

Should work!


I will check it out. Thx!

happy tracking :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping out James

Glad to see some of my work is still useful. I should really update some of them and make an official release on the tools page.


Thanks for the great tools!