More Midi Assigning And Looping Controls

I want to be able to assign midi controls to the off, mute and active track buttons. Also play, stop, rec., bpm, enable/bypass effects, and vst instruments.

Also I like to be able to program movement with the loop markers in the sample editor.

Got my rating… (along with the other threads)



occasionally requested feature, and as usual, a +1 from me.

Like all other midi control topics, +1


Simply, yet excellently put :)

+2 (on behalf of a friend)


All for it, just realized I couldn’t map mute track to midi myself.



+1 (but it should also work with OSC ;))

+1 and,…

I like this feature so much with ableton live, here is how it works:
live has possibility to assign single midi CC to multiple controls and almost any control, button, slider in live is assignable and assignment map can be saved with song.

even more,… not only midi Cc, in fact live let U choose whether assign normal keyboard key or midi Cc, so user can freely select between midi controller or computer keyboard with various arrangements for various songs.

to be fair to current rns,…one can use gamepad, like belkin nostromo N52, which allows anyone to send rns multiple commands by one click instead of a bit complicated focuses and ctrl+shift+alt… it is very powerfull too.

:ph34r: sorry for speaking about live, but I was thinking of buy before, so I did a lot of tests, but rns is more convenient for me in many aspects…

I would love this, i’m really surprised it’s not a feature yet.

+1 for mapping more controls to midi CC (mute, solo, …)

+1 for letting a single control to be changed by multiple CC

+1 for letting a single CC change multiple controls (one CC assigned to 3 volume sliders for example)

  • MIDI Feedback (think that’s the correct term.) More and more controllers use endless encoders and motorised faders and Renoise really should be with the other hosts when it comes to using these with multiple pages.

just a note,…

I think that is better to keep both possible (PC keyboard & midi CC) and not only extent midi Cc…

current rns system IS definitelly powerfull, but it is sometimes hard to do some tricks…

If one have problems with shortcuts, can buy cheap game controller instead of expensive midi controller.
game controller can be programmed to work like this:
game controller button #1 - send f6, ctrl + page up (goto previous pattern)
game controller button #2 - send f3, Enter (stop recording)

aprox. 14 buttons is available on game controllers… I think this might be good enough for many.

pc keyboard (or game controller) can perfectly control all rns buttons, even effect buttons that are now controllable only through Cc. But cant control rns knobs/faders.

midi Cc can control both (but you need have midi controller) + midi is more musician :guitar:

there is also one more advantage with PC keyboard, one can use bluetooth/wireless keyboard and let PC to stay “under” desk… (much easier and cheaper than wireless midi)

combination of both (pc key and midi) is usually impossible because pc keyboard “key up” and “key down” event is not in sync with music and windws (or linux) decides when send this.

midi can be in sync with music and has more precise timing.

above is reason why I would vote for “allow to assign any rns controller to pc keyboard or midi Cc, with multiple assignment possibility”

…sorry for that long reply… :ph34r:



+1 as usual for controling loop starts/end