More Renoise Effects

I’d be really happy to see even more Renoise effects in future releases.
The first that comes to my mind is a more advanced distortion, maybe with individual filters for applying different distortion types/parameters to different bands. Ofcourse some new types of distortion modes too.

What would you think?

I’d really, really like to see integrated pitch shifting… so samples can get beat synced by only changing playback speed as it is now, by only pitch shifting, or anything in between (e.g. if that imaginary slider is at 50% and a sample gets played at C-6 (with C-4 being the base), it gets played back twice as fast AND pitch shifted by 12 notes).

i like that :)

Internal pitch shifting/time stretching would be great… but it would need to tie in with samples… at the beat sync level, etc

YES, DEFINITELY! Proper time-stretching is pretty much the only internal DSP feature I can envisage being useful, as it’s something that would be better off integrated into Renoise’s instrument system (a la Ableton Live’s sole appealing feature).

Pretty much everything else is stuff that would be better catered for by dedicated VST plugins. The more effect devices are added to Renoise, the heavier the burden is on the development team in terms of responding to requests - which will complexify as the devices complexify - and, of course, responding to the inevitable “well you made a fancier Distortion device, so why won’t you make an even fancier Filter device?”.

I’d rather thousands of dedicated commercial, freeware and open-source developers all over the world concentrated on making highly specific VST plugins which targeted all the idiosyncracies that end users could ever hope to conceive of, while the Renoise devs stay locked in the basement churning out the amazing new DAW/workflow stuff that we also demand on a daily basis :P

(But maybe that’s because I don’t give a shit about plugin-free XRNS composition/distribution… Don’t get me wrong: most of my demoscene music is released as unadulterated, unFX’d MOD, AHX and XM files, but when someone puts a beast like Renoise in front of me, it’d be churlish to ignore the vast potential for making music with as many VSTs as I can get my hands on. I like working within the arbitrary and challenging constraints of older trackers, but everything about Renoise’s ideology is so forward-thinking that it’s a great opportunity for me to get away from being the backward-ass, Amiga hick that I am when I’m on tour ;) Rant over.)

yeah… along that line, support for vst fx with multiple inputs and outputs would be very, very :dribble:

tape-delay emulator

As Renoise is pretty much the only DAW supported natively on all three most common desktop OS’s I think features like more built in effects has a good point.
And would probably make Renoise even more attractive :)

I’d love to see some midi effects, like a proper arpeggiator, an auto-scale (like the scale midi effect in Ableton) and a chord tutor like the webpage made by Suva.

A plug-in for creativity would be awesome as well, you hum a tune in the audio input and it programs a song with 98% chances of going triple-platinum.

Re: arpeggiators, I like the one that’s there now but I wish that the speed of it was based on LPB instead of TPL, it’s unintelligibly fast in its current incarnation.

I was more thinking of an effect rather than a track command.
In my idea you should be able to decide the resolution (16th, 8th, 8th triplets and so on), note duration and arpeggio range in octaves.

Another effects I’d love to have in Renoise would be a comb filter, I use that quite a lot…


know what could also be awesome? an Autograph Session Machine Plug-in

MIDI splitter - send certain MIDI events to other instruments or effects split by:

  • key zone
  • velocity
  • channel
  • cc # range
  • etc

+1 for that, I’d use this a lot too.

Also, I know you can fudge together a multi-band compressor with multiple existing DSPs, but having it as a single device would be great.

Just the ability to use MIDI sending VST like arps and step sequencers would do me

Arpeggiator, Time stretch.
More DSP FX wouldn’t hurt either. Something unique.

Multiband FX (meta device)

Most of professional DAWs has own Multiband Dynamics FX. Renoise can go one step further and create another meta device controller. This meant that is that the sound at the entrance would be divided into separate bands (selectable slope 6,12,24 dB). Then, for each band could impose an effect, eg, compression, gate, or chorus. Nice solution would be to follow, eg dropping signal on each band, which is connected to the eq before compression. In this way we get the dynamic eq. I know that we can manually split the signal using sends in mixer but I think that this solution would make it more functional and would save a little time.

  • for time stretch!!!

+1 for this