Moving Discop To Middleview?

We’re considering moving the discop to the middleview.

This gives it a lot more space to show details, and makes it easy to
use default windows-like keys to navigate in it.

On the other hand, it might change the workflow for some people.
For example, you can’t have the sampleeditor and discop open at
the same time.

Is this a problem for anyone? Or is the advantages larger than the disadvantages?

how about to make both ways? just add some “small<>big” button.
also would be good to add such middle mode for automating envelopes editor with grid and bunch of useful buttons.

and btw, don’t forget to add block marking for files in the discop (for mass loading as instruments/samples)

As far as I can tell it sounds like a good idea to me, because 99% of the time when you are loading samples/instruments/songs you dont have to edit your song at the same time…

If you are going to have two version of the discop people might not use the new improved bigger discop if they have to press first discop then another one to get to the big discop button…

I would probably allways want to use the bigger discop, and therefor I would like to have a checkbox that says, use big/advanced discop…

The loading several samples at once is good but the program might need to know if you want them loaded into one instrument or as new instruments…

But maybe you should skip the loading into one instrument because in the future the instrument will probably need to be changed…


When having the discop in “advanced mode”, it should be possible to use the old discop-screenspace for detailed file info.

Sounds like a great idea to me! For my part I would only use a large discop but I believe you’d end up in trouble if you remove the old way.

The drawback is that if the pattern is hidden by the discop you cannot see which track you’re playing in, which you then would see on the scopes instead. So hiding the scopes as well would prevent this. Not that it is a big problem but could be a bit of annoying…

I think this is a MUST

we just NEED file info, expecially filesize and date.

Zed’s idea is the best according to me.
There could also be a discop+extended_pattern view.

On the topic, would be also good to be able to move the text cursor with the arrow keys when editing the song/instr/sampe name.

At the moment, the only way we have to change the middle of a file name is to delete all the characters until the middle, change and rewrite the last part.

my_song.rns => my_ => my_new_song.rns
should be
my_song.rns => my_new_song.rns

I would also very much like a browser in the middelview.

And when you first do that, why not make browsing/organizing instruments better too?

I made a screenshot of a simpel implantation of both.


Up left of the browser you can select Folders for normal windows like browsing with folders on left and files on the right.
If you select instruments you get a extended view of the instrument list and can more easily organize instruments and its samples.

The keys below you can of course hide.

On upper right in the browser you will always see the selected sample. And detail info on the file just below.

With drag/drop and some right click options, you can keep it clean and simpel.


If we have it in the middle view there is enough space to show all details there. So why keeping it partly there ? Just for compatibility ?

And I`m also not sure if the “small → advanced” button will not end up in confusion. Its not very usual that you can toggle a view this way.

Why not moving it only to the middle and showing also information like a small sample overview for samples, module information like author / tracks for modules and so on.

Do we really need to see the track or pattern while loading something ?

Would be really cool.

I don’t that i need to see the track or pattern while loading a sample.


i’m all for this idea, yeah. more space to display the options and normally i don’t use the pattern editor while selecting samples, etc. and the original space can be used for extended file info/display waveform/mini wave editor/effects chainer etc.

it’s sometimes useful to see sample editor while loading samples. i like martinal’s idea about file info in the old discop in advanced mode. middle view could be used for really big browser and buttons, i bet there should be a lot of buttons like different load options/sorting/delete_rename_create_folder/ect…

Better textfields are already implemented.

Looks just great. With the waveform on the side, the need for having a sampleeditor open is lesser too.

but remember small wave view works good only with small samples…

And 90% of all loaded waves are small waves?
For me at least.
And it was just ment to be a small preview. Just to give you a clue of what it is. And you will have detailed information like filesize and length in time etc. so you pretty much know what you are dealing with.
For me at least I have to hear some of the sample to decide if it is the thing I was looking for. I dont need to see it in detail in the ‘fast-browsing-stage’ of searching for samples.
When you got something to look better into, you could just doubleclick the small wave view and you are in the sampleeditor.

just mho B)

Do we really need to see the track or pattern while loading something ?

I for one find this useful as when arranging a song as it is good to have the option of changing instruments quickly which may fit better in the mix. I would prefer to do this from the current way rather than flicking between two screen modes.

Another small point is that you may want to mute columns when mixing new instruments. I think small things like this would become annoying if having to flick between main screens.

Another point related (prob more to how the large discop is implemented also) is that when you load an instrument / sample, when it is played (with preview) you get the processed signal with all of the tracks dsps working. It is therefore useful to see the tracks (automation like volume) aswell as see the DSPs. Maybe to allow for this could have them listed for the track you are on when in the full screen sample editor. I would definitely find an option for bypassing all current dsps here useful also while previewing. This bypass would be useful for either size discop.

I think that the new discop is a good idea but one of the things I love about renoise is not having to constantly flick between screens I think having the option to keep the small discop open where it does not matter what screen you are on will keep work rates fast + easy as pos.

If a new fullscreen option was tabbed like Pattern Ed Instr envelopes sample Editor I think it would be a useful addition but getting rid of the old option would certainly intterupt my workflow in a lot of cases.

well, and what’s about a normal file-requester … a x-tra file-requester window … like an vst(i) with a Renoise-like-UI… only load/save buttons should be available in the main-window (maybe in the head / or title) … in my opinion a better possibilty for browsing dsp-effects is more important - it’s so uncomfortable to find the right effect if you’ve installed 20 or more VST’s and so on …

Exactly my point, but the scopes could be used to mute/switch channels.

Was talking about individual note columns which can only be muted from the pattern view :P . Agree with your point but to have total control you would need to be able to access individual note column mutes from the track scopes aswell.

I think tho this could become quite fiddly with up to 10 extra small icons to aim for with decreasing track scope size as track no.s increase. In addition seeing the pattern data helps quickly decide which column you may wish to mute.
Also if you are not in track scope view you may still have to flick from master scopes and spectrum view making something that is quick and easy to do while loading instruments now slower and more fiddly.

Ok I would ‘die’ if I weren’t able to see the sample editor while browsing samples. I look just as much as hear, it’s become second nature. On the other hand, the discop really is too small now. A toggle between ‘advanced’ and ‘simple’ view shouldn’t be too confusing?