Multi-out in Logic Pro X not available?

Hey all.

The AU version of Redux running in Logic Pro X doesn’t seem to give me the option of multi-out.

Other multi-out capable AU plugins seem to usually consist of two versions… a stereo 2-out version and a multi-out version… but there seems to only be one Redux version here. The VST version allows multi-out in other DAWs on the Mac, but just not the AU.

Am I missing something? Or is this a limitation of the AU format, and we’ll be seeing a multi-out version coming in the future?

Hello. Yes, Logic treats multi AUs a little bit different than other DAWs, so in Live and other DAWs the Redux AU should work correctly. But we’ll try to add support for this in future for Logic too…

Great to hear.

Just saw this addressed in the latest v.1.0.1.

Thanks for the quick turnaround!