Multi Out Vsti's

So, i have a question regarding multiout vsti’s.

Is there a way to use multiout vstis in renoise (Battery in this case), other than loading battery several times. ?

// codec

as far as i know,renoise as it is now,dont support multiout vsti,please someone if im wrong please correct me


So, in essence, if i want to tinker with lets say the volume on hihats, it will still result in artifacts onother percussions going.

Well, i guess i need to split up the battery drumkit to several smaller “patches”, or sequence the drums in some other program (nothing i look forward to…)

ahhh yes i see,i mixed up multiout with multitimbrality

damn i feel embarassed :rolleyes:

Well basically you’re were not wrong …renoise supports multitembrality by using the 'alias ’ from the dropdown list …But still no multiple out …so when you’re using 2 or more aliases ( for a multitembral vst )…you 'de still have to route them to the same track …you could route them to different mixer tracks but then the well known problem ( renois’s current mayor drawback ) occurs when trying to mute the master vsti track