Multiple keyzones per sample

This would be kind of important for some of my drum kit instruments… when i load them, the samples get duplicated for each keyzone, which ends up wasting a lot of disk space :( :(

It is a result of the required “each sample should have a keyzone assigned” rule.
There was a debate about whipping up aliases of samples that you want to assign to additional keyzones (like sample slices get aliassed), this would achieve the same result without wasting extra memory.
For now you will have to add the extra samples. If you only have one sample, the you could use the slicing trick to achieve that result without wasting memory, but only if you use one sample (because slicing clears out the other samples).

I’d like this too. While the current approach is clearly more straightforward (1 sample = 1 keyzone, no exceptions), it feels like it ties my hands a bit too much. The aliases mentioned by vV sound like a viable solution.

The good AND the bad side is the same: extra layer of control.


This would have the added benefit of being able to run the same samples through different fx chains, depending on velocity and/or note range.

/* edit */ For bonus points: alias can point to sample in another instrument? :dribble:/> :panic:/> :w00t:/> This would, among other benefits, enable different “variations” of the same instrument using the same sample(s) like in good ol Impulse Tracker :D :D (i’d totally see a “clone instrument with aliases” option in the right-click menu!!)

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I doubt that, but aliassing the whole instrument thus including references to the samples may be a better alternative idea, i’m not sure if aliassing the instrument would limit using both instruments to one track if use simultaneously. I’m not sure either how the fx and modulation chains would work in that case.
And not to forget what Taktik mentioned about each sample / note initialisation would have to run through these chains multiple times (eating a lot of resources).

oh… then i guess we can forget aliasing samples across instruments…

But sample aliasing (within the same instrument) is definitely a feature that would be immensely useful, just like it was in 2.8 …especially if instruments from <= 2.8 can load using these, without duplicating samples for each keyzone.