Multiple Master Clock / MIDI Sync Outputs


First of all, I’m seriously using Renoise as my main production tool. All my sessions uses many external synths, and now it’s wonderful how you are worked out MIDI handling. Now it’s time to get really good master sync into it. Only 1 MIDI Sync Master out is way less than a good studio needs. I suggest that you should create new way to send master clock out to many devices, and MTC + MMC handling would be the cherry on the top.

Anyways, I love this software.

Brian Grassfield

Hi Brian,

I am guessing that the optimal solution would allow us to send sync messages to targets with slightly different settings?
So, first specifying the output and then the exact settings for it…

Btw: hardware solutions exist too for this kind of thing (simple multiplication of a single MIDI stream) - have you tried picking up a MIDI splitter box?

Hi danoise,

firstly, thanks for this topic!

So I didn’t thinking on a complex solution. Like, I would happy if on the MIDI preferences page, there would be a checklist box instead a single dropdown, and I can select many MIDI output ports to send MIDI clock signal instead of one.

Yes, theres a hardware solution with a splitter, and maybe the only solution for all machine get the sync at really the same time. But I can run out of midi ports on the hardware, while on computer - theoretically - can be endless.