Multiple Redux Instances Introduce Playback Lag (Logic X and Reaper)

i have a project that has up to a 2 second latency on playback start (not stop), at any point in the timeline (even when not all tracks are playing at the same time and even when a single track is soloed). There are NO FX loaded anywhere in any track or in Redux. Logic is using the same audio device settings i usually have it set to (with no problem in other projects).

As i go through my tracks disabling instances of Redux, the play start latency reduces. at about 4 instances, it seems about normal to me in comparison to all other projects i’ve worked on lately. At about 6 instances, the pause starts to be annoying and only gets worse from there.

Any obvious explanation or solution for this?

Setup (Updated 5-5-2021)

  • 19 instances of Redux active produces 2 seconds start latency
  • All MIDI, No audio tracks
  • No FX or other AU plugins
  • Logic X
  • TC DigitalKonnekt x32, FireWire
  • High Sierra 10.13.6
  • iMac 12,2
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1.5 years and no one had any replies to this, huh? :huh:

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Nope, guess it got overlooked somehow.

When you are a license owner, you’re entitled to email support as well. Did you try this?

Nope, guess it got overlooked somehow.

When you are a license owner, you’re entitled to email support as well. Did you try this?

No, i was only demoing the plugin. i stopped working on that project after no one replied here. Two days ago i started on it again, rediscovering this problem. So i came here to check, found my old post, and… :slight_smile:


Are non-license-holders disregarded in this sense? I’d buy a license if Redux didn’t have this behavior.

Semi-annual bump.

It seems to behave the same way on Logic X.

…and I see it hasn’t changed in version 1.2. Am I STILL the only person experiencing this? This is what keeps me from BUYING it.

Playback start and position change are affected by it. It’s hard to miss because it’s actively interfering in me working on the few projects I started with the plugin (conversions of old tracker songs).

Maybe it helps if you share an example project in which you removed all unrelated and kept only the essiential? Oh I see now that you are still using 32 bit. I think you should first try with 64 bit and see if the problem still remains.


i would gladly try to replicate the issue if you provide project & files if that helps soe we can pinpoint the bug/missbehavior

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My apologies if my info is wrong somewhere. I’ll look into that. I’m definitely on 64-bit and have been since moving to Logic X.

EDIT: Updated thread title (and original post). Thanks for getting my attention on that.

Thanks for the offer to attempt to reproduce the problem. I will gather the project content into a zip and … upload it to the board?

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Yes, zip it and upload it here.

The forum tells me that zip files are not allowed. Sigh.

Here’s a zip on DropBox for now:

Tested this now, same result here, firewire 48kz, 128 samples, Redux 3.2.2 AU, 10.13.6, gives me like 2 seconds start delay. There is no fx in any Redux instance, no fx plugins in the mixer either, so it is very likely caused by Redux.

Actually the very first song play has no latency at all, but then every following song start. So it might be that something isn’t stopped correctly?

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Thank you so much for testing this on your end. Now at least this is verified as not being something strange on my computer(s). Interesting that you pointed out the first play is fine. I think I noticed that, too, but hadn’t thought to make a point of it. Thanks again!

Now what? Developers?

Is this going to be addressed by developers (do they participate on this forum), or do I need to get their attention in some specific way?

Same with 10.14.6

Thank you for testing that, too.


Are developers aware of this issue?

EDIT: Also, adding the ability to upload zip files for project file would be nice.