Music Hackday Montréal

In two weeks I will be attending: Music Hackday Montréal.

I’m helping organize the event. It would be great if you could pass the URL on to anyone who wants to attend. It would be nice to see some Renoise users inside the place.

Anyways, this thread will act as my blog and peanut gallery. I’ll post what I’m doing as I do it. Maybe others can too? Stay tuned.

Good times.

My Hack Idea:

Myself talking about MHD-MTL with another organizer on local radio CKUT:

Interview starts at around the 11:30 minute mark.

With bonus wind in microphone!

Local joints map:

Nice Dac, sounds like something I’d love to be at. ^_^

Thanks td6d.

Some recent news:

I’m excited!

hey, this is nice.
maybe i can organize something like that in my city, too.
(north of germany here)

we actually have a few circuit benders in town.
im interested.

It’s a shame there is no music hackday here in europe

It’s on!

#musichackday #mhdmtl

As you can see, there have been Music Hack Days in Barcelona, Berlin, Cannes, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, etc.

üav probably wanted to say : here in “paris”… sorry… ;)

yeah I’m french and more than that I live in Paris so I HAVE TO be unpleasant and affirm things I’m reaallly conviced even if it’s not true, and yes Paris is the center of Europe :P
Now I have a frog leg pie to finnish and I’m pretty sure kurtz want to share it with me :)

I’m really stupid because I followed your adventures (dblue) at the Berlin musichackday few months ago.

I’m just french :)

It’s OK, not everybody can be perfect.

cannes isn’t the perfect choice… of course cannes represents france through the well known international film festival… but this city is more movie-related than music-related… mosts of the local music french stars (including üav) live in paris in fact.

My hack!

Hack list, to be presented in ~30 minutes:

Good times!

Sounds like people have come up with some quality ideas.
And congratulations on the Pie…sure looks delicious

Your the female right? You sound hot ;) lol jk aweosme thing you guys are doing keep it up!!!

Pictures of the MHD-MTL 2011:


Executables and source-code of crowd favourite now available. Total insanity:

Some press: