Music In Your Dreams

Have you composed (or sang, or just heard) some very nice tune in your dream, enjoyed it very much and where impressed by it. But then you woke up and just couldnt remember specifics of that song/tune. You just remember there was that very impressive tune, but you cant remember enough to try to reproduce it.

Is that situation familiar to you? that has happened to me several times.

This also leads me to another question: i wonder is it possible to compose while you are sleeping? i mean to hear some original tune in your deam and then reproduce it?? It seems kinda hard to belive, as your dreams are supposed to relate to what you are doing/seeing/hearing in real life, but on the other hand you never know.

what do you think?

Often. When I get to sleep, the ideas seems to “fall into place” somehow. I try to train myself to remember these things, instead of getting up and doing them right away. I would like to think that even though you can’t remember the exact details, your subconscious still is aware of them.

Can’t say I’ve ever experienced such a dream.
I’ve had a dream once with some awesome sounding music but some days later I realized it was a track by someone else…

I hope you didn’t dream speedcore? or death metal, because that may damage you eyelids in REM sleep!

I have had the same experience with something that could be used for a movie script, i woke up and thought, WOW - great plot!, but when thinking more about it, I was just blank, well i remember something about a phone (maybe I really was in the matrix…). :P

Yes, often and can’t remember the tunes well enough to reproduce them. Also they can be melodically very complex yet harmonic. I can’t really think complex music when awake but in dreams it just flows with many layers. Also in lucid dream you can control the music by “steering” it and the sounds just generate automatically or you can create a break or whatever. This also happens to me sometimes when falling asleep.

aphex twin does it.

i guess we should all be able to do it if he does it, since he’s such a normal guy.

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i have been having pretty vivid dreams but none production related lately.

i did however awake in a dream of a recurring dream i had when i was young. the scene was something like an encapsulated land of escalators.

so i think if you give it enough time you can go back and hear the music you’ve made.

I don’t dream, SRSLY.

one time i had a dream i was inside of a video game, style was similar to epic pinball or something like that, except i was running around with the balls and cyborgs and stuff. and i was dreaming some awesome techno song… but i forgot most of it when i woke up. this was about 10 years ago

for one of my sdcompo entries about 2 years, i kept on playing parts of the song over and over in my head while i was still working on the song, trying to come up with lead melodies… one of those times it carried over into my sleep while i took a nap, and when i woke up i had come up with a couple of new melody parts which i did end up using for the song :) but the dreamed parts were with most of the song’s framework already in place

Yep I know the feeling …Had this dream once …went to a gig …bjork, aphex on stage …making marvelous music …kept saying to myself …WHy the hell can’t I make something this good …Then I realised that I was dreaming it and thus creating it …woke up forget it …added another of the 100000 unfinished songs to the renoise folder

One time I had a dream that I was hanging out with Ryan Adams. From what I remember in the dream, he was very cool to hang out with.

I rarely dream music in general, but very often I start “composing” very complex orchestral music on-the-fly immediately after I’ve gone to bed.

It’s damn frustrating: the music flows at an incredible rate, with no interruptions, I like it very much, but really can’t remember anything when I wake up.

once i dreamt that i was making a club/chicago house track with oboe as the lead. very jazzy feel to it. the melodies was out of this world!
and offcourse, now i only remember what instrument and beat it was on the track…

I don’t dream actual music, but there’s sometimes a certain
atmosphere represented in sound, very intense and dramatic,
like a crackrush. I try capturing that atmosphere, rather than
copying the sound I heared. I can clearly remember still what
they sounded like, even from years and years ago, but I often
don’t have the means to recreate it.

argh damnit! i actually dreamed music last night, and i woke up briefly, raised my head, opened my eyes, and i could still remember the song. i guess it sounded kind of like chillout/mellow house with a deep triangle kind of lead. i made an effort to remember it but of course today i don’t remember anything about it :(

I’ve dreamed music several times. Quite vividly once. I was just resting on my bed in the afternoon and kinda fell asleep. The dream was, get this, me resting on my bed in the afternoon. :) Exact reflection of the immediate reality. And in this dream I heard some really beautiful music playing on my tape recorder. Complex but easy going. At some point in the dream something gave me a hint that I was indeed dreaming, and this kinda confused me and I woke up.

I think I was able to remember it for a couple of minutes after waking up. Not enough to recreate it, though.

Renoise 2 with a pianoroll? :)

If I knew Renoise back then, I’m sure that would be it. :)

I was once dreaming I listened to a recording by me and my band at the time, I didn’t know the song but thought it was great. So when I woke up I tried to play the main riff on my guitar, what I could remember. But it didn’t sound nearly as interesting as it did in the dream, even though I thought I remembered it quite well. So guess I didn’t remember it correctly or my mind was playing tricks on me, it was while dreaming, more important to create a feeling rather than actual music.

yeah happens to me once in ~3 months… sometimes i remember the melody, sometimes i don’t. i made some tunes which were based on music in dream; but i’m afraid i just heard it few days ago in radio and my brain made me think it’s my idea ; )