MuTaNT•BReaKS••••#14 🙀

:joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat:

I want to live in that alternate universe

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It’s the sample of a cat that I’ve time-stretched with Renoise to fit my track. Note that some of the other sounds are made with MeowSynth.

Ok, I’ve finally finished something. Didn’t have much time this winter. Sampled some cat videos from Youtube and used the sounds in a few different ways. No plugins used.

Get the Renoise project here:
loudest meow.xrns (3.5 MB)

Looking forward to finally hearing some of the other submissions!


This competition is just too much fun to skip it. Here’s my entry for this year

Took two public domain samples from

Song doesn’t use VSTIs, but I sampled two instruments from an VSTI.

The song furthermore uses:

Artwork done by Stable Diffusion AI 2.1, query “major cat bromance neon”


All right, time to release the cat. I leave it like that:

All instruments except drums, bass and a pad made from scratch.
I want bonus points of hearts for creating that stuff. :wink:


-Valhalla Supermassive
-Softube Transient Shaper
-Weiss MM1 Maximizer

Here’s the xrns: - Upload files for free and transfer big files easily.
The link will destroy itself in two weeks.


interesting composition right here!

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What a mad cat!!!Loved the phone call it was funny as …Great job making the cat sample a major element of the track and an instrument itself.

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oh, this is great :+1:

catelektro should be a legit genre :zap: :cat2: :zap:

here’s my xrns for anyone who wants to peep it: MBC 14 power of the p*ssy

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Haha this is fantastic. Instant head nod and grrat melodies, but also ultra playful. Love the squelchy bass, plus the vinyl scratch sounding cat samples. Whole thing just sounds FUN (which is in the spirit of this whole thing). Thanks for sharing the xrns!!!


Thanks guys! :+1:

I’ve forgot some informations about the song:
Cat samples taken from pixabay. The 911 call was taken from a Youtube video, and indeed it’s a real emergency call. I just cutted something out to keep the spirit. The quality of these samples is quite poor, but I could improve the sound by adjusting the samples itself and by using more than enough track devices to tame noise and loudness. Gullfoss is pretty cool for that kind of stuff, but Gullfoss alone wouldn’t do the job.

Including a life lesson: Don’t mess with the cat! :wink:

Yeah, that was the idea from the very beginning. This is how I imagine a cat theme song. :slightly_smiling_face:

Catektro! :grin:
You can do Catektro as well. Let’s spread the genre.

Haha, nice! Yes, this is a fun track for sure. Of course I share the xrns, on one hand I want to get bonus points if I don’t get any for my VST instruments made from scratch, and on the other hand I want everybody being able to see how the song was made. But as I said somewhere above, it’s only playable if you got the VSTs, otherwise it will sound wrong.

I see, this explains a lot. You just used a fun plugin for a fun track. :slightly_smiling_face:


[MuTaNT BReaks 14](

Olivier · MuTaNT BReaks 14

mutant.xrns (1.5 MB)

hello here is a piece created for the MuTaNT BReak 14 competition, I used samples delivered with RENOISE an arturia VST analog lab as well as a sample of cat
thank you for your attention
do not hesitate for your comments
see you