Mutant Breaks #3

Great tune. Has a bit of a Zark Behida meets Squarepusher vibe, but more disjunct and sloppy. Very enjoyable overall for me. Love those guitars at the end.

neat. basses made my desk shiver. :D


sometimes i wish i didn,t create a song

Consider yourself followed cat hero!


Good tune, I like the vibe.

same here. cool mixture of sound. the intro reminds me of autechre, guud guud.

are those dutch samples from de flodders?

I don’t think I’ll be able to enter. Sorry. :(

hahaha, the dutch samples are from, Battle of the planets and a fairytale about a crazy prinses.

i dunno too much nederlandse shows, so yeh. :P

My first ditty in Renoise, my buddy asked me to make a satanic cat song so here she be:

Scaffolds of Felines

(Sorry Bono)

Excellent, I’m into it.

This is odd, ever since I joined two years ago, the forum shares .xrns modules when submitting a compo entry until I disappeared. But when I’m back for this compo, you now only share the rendered .mp3 sound files. Is there something wrong happened? How long was this my issue? Anyway, almost finished.


You wouldn’t share a car,
you wouldn’t share a handbag,
you wouldn’t share a television,
you wouldn’t share a movie.

Sharing your music is communism,
communism is bad for your teeth,
SHARING, IT’S A CRIME! (Or bad for your teeth, either way…)

I likes me some Mutant Breakage, I does! I was known as Spodnik in the last competition, but I’ve gone and changed my name since then. Here’s what I’ve created this time round:

Neogenic BeanPile

nice :)

i like it! could use some breaks though i think, definitely some room for them.

I think I might throw something out there for this one. I’ve improved a lot since MB2…

Thanks :)

But there are breaks in there. I started out with a 4/4 beat as kind of a piss take of the fact that the winner of the last comp was nothing but a straight-up 4/4 house track. :P