Mutant Breaks #5

Give the 8th to the cruuude! (my vote went to kim but I think crude deserves it)

Considering ‘we just gotta draw the line somewhere’, I think that’s fair enough.

Also that cake looks delicious ^_^

exited! :yeah:

Hey! Thanks to everybody for their kind words and votes! Feels awesome to make it to the top 7. B)
Great effort by everyone ;)

We’ve got a winner! Thanks to No Weapon for letting us shoot the announcement in their studio. As promised here’s the video of my daughter eating cake.

Congrats to Eeter!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I couldn’t believe it! :D
Just WOW.

Lots of respect for Conner_Bw for running this annual compo!

Congrats Eeter! :yeah:

Thanks to Conner for getting the creative juices flowing!

  • cute kid, am I the only one spotting the irony here? Eeter - eater - cake being eaten :) .

Congrats Eeter!

Thanks go to all especially Conner

Woohoo! Congrats eeter! And thanks again Conner, next to Renoise updates this is my favorite DAW-related happening.

@td6d +1

Congrats Eeter!!

That video totally cracks me up!! Biggups Conner & Daughter, and big respect out to No Weapon for the vicarious studio party!!

Congrats eeter :) !

Congrats!!! :D

Congrats Eeter! Again, many thanks to Connor for making the MUTANT BREAKS happen again! Judging was literally a piece of cake this time, brilliant!

@eeter: well deserved.

I also want to thank Conner for doing this in his unique way. Good times!

Congrats! big shout to all the great people of mutant breakz :)

Archive page updated:

Memories are made for being made.

Thanks everyone. See you next year.

Can’t wait till next years Mutant Breaks!

OK, I make it short: I’m looking for the missing archive of MBC5 :lol:

There were 17 entries. But archive is lost. There are only 10 tracks on soundcloud. Only 6 have download button. One track of SoundCloud is not in the 17 entries referenced. Most of the DropBox links of this thread are now dead links. With the XRNS files, I have recreated some audio files. And so now I have 10 of 18 XRNS and 14 of 18 audio files.

Before to lose more time on this challenging work, perhaps someone here have saved the archives somewhere and can share it? B)

Here are some links to understand my issue :

If nobody has such the archive I’m looking for, I will contact separately each artist and try too complete the new archive till completed :wink: