MP3 or OGG for MBC1 and MBC5

It seems there are no more ZIP archives with MP3/OGG files for Mutant Breaks 1 & 5, are there?

I watched on each separate thread, on songs thread, on trotch mbc.

But all download links (for MP3/OGG) seem broken / dead / disabled for MBC1 & MBC5 :

Did I miss something? Any alternative links to download ?

Thanks for help. Bye.

You can get MBC#1 from here:

MBC#5 … hhhm, missing?

Thank you Danoise.

For MBC1, ok, only XRNS, but if there are not too much VST/VSTi needed inside, it will be easy to generate WAV then MP3.

For MBC5, all links are going on the same issue URL ( even if I create an account…

Last solution is to download all tracks from SoundCloud, but even like this, some tracks have not the download option.

/me going crazy :lol:

MBC1 : OK, the ZIP file contains all XRNS, and all without VST/VSTi needed so that it’s easy as expected to recreate WAV/MP3/OGG…

MBC5 : This one is harder… ZIP file is lost… SoundCloud playlist is not complete… Half of the tracks don’t even have the download button… I can’t imagine that nobody has got an archive somewhere on a DropBox, a OneDrive or even on a local machine… Don’t tell me that all Mutant Breaks #5 tracks are lost forever. I can’t imagine that. But it’s clear that Ubuntu One file sharing service is down. Perhaps the original uploader can ask for an archive back… HELP!!

LOL, it was so easy that I didn’t have the idea before today :smiley:

Snapshot of the broken MB5 archive is still available at this URL:*/

ZIP archive is 146 Mb:

So now I have all muzak from MB1 to MB9 :walkman:

Amazing. I barely have any of these.

Bump for mad props.

@sokoban: yay, thanks for the detective work

Uploading the missing years as I type…