Mutant Breaks #5

Winner announced:

All songs available here:


Renoise’s most unorganized music competition since 2008 presents:

Mutant Breaks #5
Theme: Johnny

Sunday, November 25th, 2012.

Electro / Bassline / Breakbeats / Jungle / Drum & Bass / IDM / Breakcore / Dubstep / Experimental / Noise

The winner can choose either $100 (CAN, via PayPal) or this Netbook:

Asus Eee PC Seashell Series, 134 GB hard drive, 1 GB RAM, Intel Atom N450 1.66 GHz CPU, Windows 7 Starter OS


No rules!

A bunch of rules.

One entry per contestant.

Participants must post their track as a link in this thread. No private emails this year. If you need space use Ubuntu One (works on Windows, Mac and Linux, is a referral URL) and use their public url feature.

After November 25th, participants reply to this thread with a vote for 3 tracks. Feel free to vote for yourself as one of the choices. It won’t affect the outcome. It only serves as a collective benchmark for quality. Participants who don’t vote are disqualified.

If the artist shares an XRNS, then their total votes are multiplied x 3

The top 8 tracks, eg most votes, are baked on equal sized pieces of cake.

The first piece of cake that my 2½ year old daughter eats wins.

Don’t know what Mutant Breaks is? Don’t understand the rules? Well then, too bad! Nah, just kidding. Maybe. Check the links from the last four years for some ideas:

awesome :) im in!!

I guess I’m also in.

piece of cake


Moar deadlines! :drummer:

Haha I love this!
I’m in again.

I’m in! Lemme see if I can get a sample of this …

Oh shit… I’ll definitely make something.

I’m on it.

I’ll join! So the theme is Johnny? Does that mean Johnny Depp or what?
also you might want to put that cake on a spinning plate. Or is she good at making random decisions?

anyway I’m making a mix from once opon a time in mexico because it’s awesome.

Steven Seagal.

Chuck Norris

Sandra (feel no fear)

Download XRNS

Are remixes allowed?

Wicked first entry.

Can I get a *3 XRNS combo punch?

No. Yes. Maybe. Mostly no. Maybe yes. Votes.


Thanks man, it was real fun to make :slight_smile:
But, Johnny?? I seem to have forgotten the theme … I will not provide some lame excuse, it’s just not there.

Edit: original post updated with link to XRNS

El DeBarge