Mutant Breaks #5

well, I think I’ll need to make my track more… latin like… now. :lol:

… and here’s my entry :

… you can also watch it here :

and here’s the .xrns file

good luck everyone !

Good stuff Kurtz!

thanx ^_^ I did it yesterday, as a live demo tutorial about how to quickly make a track with renoise… but in the end, the video was too long, 3H, so… I deleted the video… but kept the track.

So much for the epic Still Alive cake remix :(

Crap track over here: <-- dead

Now with .XRNS and some minor tweaks. Requires:
Freeverb3 - Nverb
and regrettably some old version of T-racks; not really necessary though.

Get it here:
Hope im not disqualified by posting twice.

Q: If I use VST’s will my *.xrns qualify?

I hope so cuz i used a few in my entry ^_^

Got it. Good stuff! I like this.

Invisible breaks!

I can’t download this. Can you turn on downloading? I don’t accept streams. Also XRNS makes all the difference in the voting round (x3 multiplier) can I get a swatch?

i think this comp helped me get over my writer’s block :drummer: :walkman: :dribble:


I might be interested but I have a question first : do the .xrns need to have all the instruments of the track inside ? My tracks are always made with Renoise (for all the drums) rewired through Reaper (for synths and mixing).

thanks !

This competition:

  • Is supposed to represent how people really work with Renoise to make music.
  • Is judgmental, participants vote however they feel like based on whatever.
  • Has comedy value.

If that is how you make tunes with Renoise I’m cool with it, but I’m not voting, you are.

So in! Gonna win me that notebook!!!

PS: Thanks Burital and Basic Methods!

One week to go, and still enough cake to go around.

Get you track on


Damn, forgot this was probably going on over here.

I’m gonna get on this now

Here you go, here’s mine: