Mutant Breaks #5

(KURTZ) #21

well, I think I’ll need to make my track more… latin like… now. :lol:

(KURTZ) #22

… and here’s my entry :

… you can also watch it here :

and here’s the .xrns file

good luck everyone !

(Conner_Bw) #23

Good stuff Kurtz!

(KURTZ) #24

thanx ^_^ I did it yesterday, as a live demo tutorial about how to quickly make a track with renoise… but in the end, the video was too long, 3H, so… I deleted the video… but kept the track.

(alek) #25

So much for the epic Still Alive cake remix :(

(kim_f) #26

Crap track over here: <-- dead

Now with .XRNS and some minor tweaks. Requires:
Freeverb3 - Nverb
and regrettably some old version of T-racks; not really necessary though.

Get it here:
Hope im not disqualified by posting twice.

(eeter) #27

Q: If I use VST’s will my *.xrns qualify?

(mars.64) #28

I hope so cuz i used a few in my entry ^_^

(00.1) #29

(Conner_Bw) #30

Got it. Good stuff! I like this.

Invisible breaks!

I can’t download this. Can you turn on downloading? I don’t accept streams. Also XRNS makes all the difference in the voting round (x3 multiplier) can I get a swatch?

(Burital) #31

i think this comp helped me get over my writer’s block :drummer: :walkman: :dribble:

(BasicMethods) #32


(Antape) #33

I might be interested but I have a question first : do the .xrns need to have all the instruments of the track inside ? My tracks are always made with Renoise (for all the drums) rewired through Reaper (for synths and mixing).

thanks !

(Conner_Bw) #34

This competition:

  • Is supposed to represent how people really work with Renoise to make music.
  • Is judgmental, participants vote however they feel like based on whatever.
  • Has comedy value.

If that is how you make tunes with Renoise I’m cool with it, but I’m not voting, you are.

(Dylan G) #35

So in! Gonna win me that notebook!!!

(Conner_Bw) #36

PS: Thanks Burital and Basic Methods!

(danoise) #37

One week to go, and still enough cake to go around.

Get you track on

(Dylan G) #38


(The Crude Assembly) #39

Damn, forgot this was probably going on over here.

I’m gonna get on this now

(eeter) #40

Here you go, here’s mine: