Mutant Breaks Competition #16: Voting Thread | Everyone can vote!

Voting ends Monday February 26st, 2024 Hawaii Standard Time:

Mutant Breaks Competition #16 is over. Time to rank the entries. Everyone can vote, so please do!

Many thanks to everyone who entered. You all did great! And special thanks to @martblek for making the tool that made it all possible.

Judging Criteria:
Your favorite track p1 +7 points.
Your favorite track p2 +5 points.
Your favorite track p3 +3 points.
Best mix +5 points (can be different from your favorite track(s)).

Bonus points:
1 Less than 3 single cycle waveforms. +3 points.
2 Only using full samples longer than 3 seconds and no single cycle waveforms. +7 points
Single single shot samples are fine.
3 Writing a review for all submitted tracks. +10 points.

Renoise XRNS files:
Remsky: 2024 Impulses | 0.046% of 1440k
H3ADL3SS: Unbound | 91.147% of 1440kb.
Eretsua: MBC#16*-_Demo_track | 99.48% of 1440kb.
Mr.Zensphere X∑NøB∆B∆••• no limitations.xrns | 63.11% of 1440kb.
M. Garbanzo Reduction.xrns | 88% of 1440kb.
Highway rehab blunt (MB16 - 2024)
Tessier Server Migrations Never Go As Planneds
Lneheb Amidst sedimentary narratives, geological epochs unfold. Time’s chisel carves stratigraphic tales, i
Fabric MBC16-MAKEAWISH-Space_Travelers | 86% of 1440kb.
Kara Kusa MBC-16_Kara Kusa_The Sun Turns Into Satan
StartScreem Memory Failure by StartScreem
DarkCloudsEverywhere Popshovit
Etheross Viléter - Sampleless

Soundcloud links:

And here is the Sound Cloud playlist:

Remsky only has YouTube link:

Did I miss anyone?

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dark clouds - ☼popshovit☼

kara kusa - ≡the sun turns into satan≡

prototype - *server migrations never go as planned*

best mix: prototype


:1st_place_medal:Highway Rehab
:3rd_place_medal:Make A Wish (muddy and weak mix, otherwise it would have been 1st place)
Best mix → Hiighway Rehab (•••X∑NøB∆B∆••• has got an equal mix, but HR’s mix is a tad less “aggressive”)

Ok, some small reviews of the top 3…

Highway Rehab
Great instrumentation, everything fits and creates a good atmsphere and vibe. Nice composition, nice beat and clean mix. There’s only one thing I would check, and that’s the loudness of the first and third bass note (which is the same). Through speakers it appears to be louder than the other notes and could lead to rumbling if you’d turn up the volume.

•••X∑NøB∆B∆••• (Man, what about proper spelling? There’s an alphabet you could use…)
There nothing special I could say about this track, it’s a typical track by MrZensphere. As always there’s a good mix and composition-wise the usual sound effects, business as usual. I just can’t tell if it’s Asteroid Trance, Meteorite Trance or Comet Trance…

Make A Wish
That’s by far the most catchy tune of the whole competition, very funky and groovy. I like the instrumentation and the melodies. The tune transports some energy and gets easily stuck in the head. Unfortunately Fabrice missed to improve the mix. This could have been so much better with a proper mix. But it’s still good, no doubt.


If people feel so inclined, if you could write a little reviews of at least your picks, that would be fantastic and hugely appreciated!

Thank you TNT!

:+1:Highway Rehab - “Blunt”
Well I like it, that it’s not overdone, does not seem to be as overdone. Remind me of UT99 background tracks, 90s ambient breaks/jungle.

:+1:Make a Wish - “Space Travelers”
I like space disco, cosmic boogie wonder land.

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How did you know? :thinking:

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Can non-contributors vote? And what is the deadline?

Brain and superpowers. Nevertheless it sounds exactly like all the other “subgenres” of Psytrance. :alien:

+1000 points - @Etheross Etheross Viléter - Sampleless

Probably one of the coolest tracker modules ever; at very least, legendary category.

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My big reviews post all at once, several days in the making. If I missed anyone let me know, but I think I got everyone.

Remsky: [2024 Impulses ] I like the drum tones and how much space you left. That said, I wish the patterns were a little less repetitive over the length of the track. I love the ear candy sounds that poke in and out over the course of the track. Makes me think of a soundtrack to an old school cave level in a video game.
H3ADL3SS: [Unbound ] very pleasant soundscape. the breaks and ambience play well off each other. I like some of the effects you did around 2:30-2:50 with the breaks, as well as other locations. I wish the background ambience evolved a little more.
Eretsua: seamlessly blends several motifs together across the entire track while maintaining a consistent feeling. I hope metallica doesn’t sue you.
Mr.Zensphere: trippy sound effects that never clash or overwhelm. a solid underlying groove. The bass at 2:18ish is a delightful change. impressive fitting a breadth of sounds into such a small footprint.
Highway rehab: creative and fun breaks, as well as sound effects, blips and blops. I wish the bass looped a little less and evolved a little more.
Tessier. chaotic and very exciting. really great sound design. a little tough for me to follow. I like the ominous ending as well.
Lneheb: really enjoyed this. the intro sounds were great, then the bass was cool. I like how you tied all of the elements together when the beat comes in. The break was seamless and had a lot of interesting sounds in it. my only thought is that I want to see that crazy bass sound evolve even more.
Make a wish: really great bass tone and solid composition. Loving the contrast from this one to the others submitted.
Kara Kusa: love how much space is in the track. the transience has a great quality. I like how you seamlessly blend and introduce new elements slowly without ever overwhelming. Its like a showcase of “look at what I can do with these sounds” I also like how the reverb makes it sound likes its being played in a cave. ending is also insane. good job.
StartScreem [Memory Failure by StartScreem ] i really liked the part at 1:33ish. and the accompanying bass sound. Really interesting composition, very foley. it makes me think. It moves along with each section unique but tied together.
Dark Clouds: nice tight drums and chords. seamless blending between elements and sections. that part at 1:50ish, really great, didn’t expect it. very smooth and clean track.
Etheross [Viléter - Sampleless nice groovy track, made my head move. The section at 1:40ish was really cool and i like how smoothly it slowed down and changed the vibe. Really nice pitch glides and reese tone.

1 Kara Kusa
2 Prototype
3 Lneheb

best mix: Mr. Zensphere


Right. Everything sounds the same to the uninitiated… Like, wtf is the difference between vaporwave and synthwave, and more importantly, who cares? :upside_down_face: Not me, lol. But I bet that’s a distinction you could make easily, just like there’s no mistaking forest for swamp (for me), any more than most ppl could mistake dnb for dubstep… but to your great grandmother, it’s all just infernal noise :fire::fire::fire:


Thank you!!

I think yes it’s okay for everyone, but @eretsua will confirm.

Voting ends: Monday February 26st, 2024 Hawaii Standard Time.

(information from the other MBC16 thread)


That’s the same kind of question like “What’s the difference between Electronica and Techno?”. They’re different genres. Vaporwave is kinda like a psychedelic art form of Retrowave, it’s characterized by downtempo beats and has a more sample based approach. You could partially compare Vaporwave with Chillwave, which is a subgenre of Synthwave, but there are differences as well. Personally I just think that one can overdo the classification or let’s say the “division” of subgenres. If there are no significant differences there’s no need to divide the genres further and further. Right? :wink:

Did you read the thread title?

Yes, everyone can vote and is encouraged to do so!
Your personal top 3 + what you think is the best mix.

Sorry, I forgot to mention the closing day. Fabrice is correct, voting ends Monday February 26st, 2024 Hawaii Standard Time.

Here is another countdown clock:




My top 3:

1: Dark Clouds - Popshovit
2: H3ADL3SS - Unbounded
3: X∑NøB∆B∆••• no limitations

Best mix:

highway rehab - Blunt

Mini reviews:

H3ADL3SS - Unbounded
Hypnotic dream in amen break land.

Electronic Tiger - MBC#16 - Demo Track
I liked the journey. I recommand.

Nice industrial track with cool tempo changes.

•••X∑NøB∆B∆••• - X∑NøB∆B∆••• no limitations
I don’t know if it’s trance, psytrance, cybertrance, goa trance… but I’m in a trance!

highway rehab - Blunt
Reminds me some futuristics sounds of the past. And that’s cool.

PR0T0TYPE - Server Migrations Never Go As Planned
Very nervous. And I like that. Sounds like some AFX lost files.

Be he n - Amidst sedimentary narratives, geological epochs
Too much compression for me, but that makes it sound unique.

Make A Wish - Space Travelers (free download)
This is funky. I like that. But there are too much low pass filters stuff for me, tho.

Kara Kusa - The Sun Turns Into Satan
A bit dark, but with all the nervous sounds, it makes the deal.

StartScreem - Memory Failure - This Song Was Composed
I’m not sure I like that. I’m not sure I hate that.

Dark Clouds - Popshovit
The intro sound is awesome. The whole track is amazing.

Viléter - Sampleless
I would like to watch some demoscene things while listening to this.

  1. PROTOTYPE - Server Migrations Never Go As Planned
  2. highway rehab - blunt
  3. Dark Clouds - Popshovit

Best Mix: PROTOTYPE - Server Migrations Never Go As Planned

Remsky - 2024 Impulses
A bit too minimal and uneventful for my taste, but cool how small you got the file size.

Eretsua - MBC#16 - Demo track
The samples didn’t really always fit together. It was a fun track because of the wild sample selection.

The “wash” on the everything grouping made the mix feel a bit hollow. That effect could have been on a send channel to mix in underneath in parallel and also maybe exclude lower frequencies from it. The bass was a bit too low and farty. Otherwise a solid slapping track.

X∑NøB∆B∆••• - no limitations
Great sound design. It could have had some more scaled back sections. The sounds and effects can get a bit tiring with how much is happening all the time.

highway rehab - Blunt
Nice variety of stuff and a chill track. Some of the synths could have been compressed and brought out a bit more, they were sometimes hiding a bit too much in the mix. The panning effect on the drums had too much depth and speed, it was a bit distracting.

PR0T0TYPE - Server Migrations Never Go As Planned
This one was my favorite, really detailed work. Full sounding mix but the high-end was on the brink of being too harsh at times. Inspirational stuff!

Lneheb - Amidst sedimentary narratives…
I don’t have much to comment on this one. A bit messy in direction and mix.

Make a Wish - Space Travelers
Catchy tune with a really fun vibe. It was very muffled. The automated filter on the master should instead have been on specific synths or groupings. A tiny bit of distortion and tone on the sidechain group would also have given a bit more brightness to the whole track.

Kara Kusa - The Sun Turns Into Satan
The first part didn’t really have anything to latch on to. The last part of the track could be developed into a great banger with just a bit more melodic stuff.

StartScreem - Memory Failure
It feels a bit too random. Without something to latch on to it’s a bit hard to follow.

Dark Clouds - Popshovit
The drums could be processed a bit more so they all sound more cohesive. Great atmosphere and a good mixture of stuff to keep it exciting throughout.

Etheross Viléter - Sampleless
Intriguing melodies. Technically impressive track. The mix was a bit thin at times and a bit imbalanced so stuff is hiding away.