Mutant Breaks Competition #2

I think I’m finally well versed enough in Renoise to get in on one of these.

So, loosely interpret… huh? R. B. I. Base/Bass Ball. And no Chiptunes?


Jimmy’s Triggerfish is dope.

Thanks. :) Hopefully my possible contribution to this Competition will go over as well.

Beware, last year’s champion is going to defend his title the best he can!

well fuck this thread, I already made something chip-tunish anyway! :)

Hmm… I never played RBI in my whole life but fine, count me in…

Well, I’ve finished …

Batman vs TNMT vs Japanese_Baseball_Guy


XRNS HERE:…seball_guy.xrns

No VST, only renoise native effects so you can check out the xrns (2.5mb) … I had lots of fun writing this!

Mick :)

sweet :walkman:

wrote this a while back…smithJungle.wav
wonder if i can enter it too

Can beginners take part in competition?

Hey. What’s keeping people from entering old tracks?
Seriously, back catalogue rules!!!

I aim to win the special price for messiest entry with my refurbished Renoise1.5 song :yeah:

You have got to be fucking shitting me…
…that is AWESOME :dribble:

Absolutely! Compos are a great way to learn: the pressure of a deadline forces you to problem solve stuff you wouldn’t ordinarily do, plus with the added bonus that people will take your work seriously. The more the merrier in this competition. It’s all fun :D

Hi All!!!

Here we go… 1st track for the competition. Oh what a lovely drone!!!

Thoughts peeps please!


mick ribbons batman ftw + fun glitch benjamin, but I’d cut it at least in half and try to make more variations in the beat department!

OK, here’s my entry:
Bjørn Nesby - Theme from Soulback


How do I download this thing? Streaming tunes not accepted, I need a file. Is there a download button somewhere on that page I missed?

MP3/OGG file? :( But I’m a demo user. Can ask anyone to render my XRNS file for me?

So by the way, how’s the T-Shirt and a mousepad look like?

XRNS is just fine as long as you don’t use too exotic VST’s. And if you post it into this forum someone will render it for you for sure.

I’ve edited the first post. XRNS files (with no VST) are fine.

Oops! Sorry for got to change the setting on Sound Cloud! It is downloadable now, just click more options above the player and away you go!!!