Mutant Breaks Compo

Just a friendly reminder that the deadline is THIS friday.

No entry from me too, as much as i’ve liked to enter. Wasn’t really creative recently, probably gaming to much at the moment.

I’ll try to finish my song until Friday, I hope I can…

Almost done now. Was thinking of adding another break, since I still have a few days and the competition has shrunk a bit with Kaneel and
Beatslaughter unable to tame their Utopia ;)


PM me links to the songs or post them here for all to scrutinize, it’s up to you!

I am teh suckage!111!
Damn, Im way worse than I hoped… :(
Working on it!

5 hour later update:

Alright, I’ve got a 1:02 minute song of wich 50 seconds are an intro… :’)
No sleep for me tonight :P

I’m gonna upload mine either tmrw or friday.


I LOVE YOUr music

(can it be more explicit?)

Alright, I’m gonna go and get some sleeeeeep…
…I hope Ill be able to finish it tomorrow.

Sleep always strikes at 4 AM :(

(damn you, sleep!!)

If you want, you can private message me a link and keep the song a surprise until I put up the web page with all the songs on it.

Of course, posting a link in this thread for all to see is also good.

Looking forward to the XRNS files!

I have 2:37 together now, might be possible i’ll throw in a last minute quickie.

By the way… Friday… what timezone midnight?
Maybe we can smuggle in some extra hours?
Since JBL gives me so much pressure, it’s almost
as if I’ve got someting to live up to ;) j/k, thanks mate.

Let’s smuggle, canadians live in the past anyway. :)

Deadline is Friday.

I will accept anything until I wake up Saturday morning, Eastern Standard Time. Then I’m cutting you off!

So far I have received one track. So, I can safely say I have one winner?

almost there! woowoo :yeah:

Conner_Bw, could you tell me what is the time now in Canada? :)

It is currently Thursday, 3:54 PM in my time zone. I will accept entries until 11:59 PM Friday. (Really, I will log into the forum saturday morning when I wake up and take what is there, no extensions, if i wake up early and you were counting on more time, you’re out of luck…)

Just finished mine, now i have a day left for some detail work. Bit more experimental than usual, but at least something done. :)


Got my gf over atm so couldnt work on my song :(
She’s asleeeep right now so Ive got myself a few hours :D (1:47 am and just back from a little party)
Im still in! :D

Amen Mayhem for n00bs!