Mutant Breaks Compo

you better not be awake yet Connor :D

Here’s my mutant freak rave…
Syflom - Toxxa MP3
Syflom - Toxxa XRNS

I would’ve love to participated, but you know my reasons… sorry!

I’m in next time fo’ sure :drummer:

f*****************k some great sonic mayhem already !! good work :]


ah, might as well post mine, nothing to fancy… but i had fun.

So how do you listen to it? :P

Check the FAQ “How do I correctly serve XRNS files?”

Right click → save as → open with Renoise

Looking good so far!

I repeat:

I will accept entries until 11:59 PM Friday TODAY. (Really, I will log into the forum saturday morning TOMRROW when I wake up and take what is there, no extensions, if i wake up early and you were counting on more time, you’re out of luck…)

It’s 8:56 AM EST as I type, there are =~ 15 hours left! So there’s still time people :)

Almost finished :ph34r:

Alright, I posted up a page with the songs (so far, more to come?) and a COUNTDOWN TO DEADLINE CLOCK:

Patto/Bugonshoe: I compressed your XRNS into ogg samples, quality 9 (out of 10) because 16 MB was too big. The tune still sounds fantastic so I hope it’s ok.

Mutant Breaks calls for mutant time zones… EST!

Streaming MP3


“Memoryforge” [.ogg]
“Memoryforge” [.xrns]

I made it with Renoise 1.9.0, I hope it isn’t problem, and you can open it with 1.9.1.

Wow nice one bugonshoe… this stuff reminds me of vsnares’ last album and pink + green.

mmd: awesome piece of experimental breaks… I like that stuff but I think it is just a bit too long. Very professional sound and feel.

7kilo: Reminds me a bit of Orbital… cool stuff.

custard: too short!! and the ending is not very good… however, the bass and the breaks at very interesting… It could be better if it was longer and with a better ending too.

Wait… Are Renoises default DSP’s forbidden? :expressionless:

of course not!

if your file can be opened on a newly formated computer with only renoise on it, then it’s good.


I just finished my entry.
I know its not as good as any of the ones that are already posted but hey, I just love this shit :]

Here’s the stream: >CLICK<
And here’s the XRNS: >CLICK<

Thanks all. Tracks are being added to the page as I receive them.

I’ve run out of time, here’s the xrns.

Wicked, added.

PS: I compressed the XRNS using ogg (quality 10 of 10) to make it fall under 5 megabytes. Hope that’s cool.

Here we go:

Beatslaughter - The Reckless Pursuit Of Utopia


I have something funky coming