Mutant Breaks Compo

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Mutant Breaks Compo
Theme: The reckless pursuit of utopia at all costs, even utopia.
Deadline: June 27th, 2008


  • Breakbeats, basslines, any tempo, any thing.
  • Song/track must be multi-platform Renoise 1.9.1 XRNS files, no VST/VSTi/LADSPA plugins allowed.
  • 1 winner, chosen by me, arbitrary criteria, heavy drinking

The winner may choose any one of the following:

Don’t like the rules? Start your own contest. This one is on me. Completely unofficial, completely fun, real prizes out of my wallet.

Please tell your friends, paste links to this post in your blogs or in your other forums. This message board thread is as official as it gets.


wayhee ! perfect timing… much appreciated.

Woot I love this contest!

The reckless pursuit of utopia at all costs, even utopia? Okay :D

I think most of my choons would fit the theme :D
Of course, I’ll go and make a new one especially for the occasion.


this is exactly most of what i do, what i do.

Theme: The reckless pursuit of utopia at all costs, even utopia.  

Until 27th june it’s still some time left. Maybe i’ll manage to do a song for your compo, can’t promise though, since i have way to many projects going on at the moment.

I would love one more of your xrns beatslaughter.

and I can’t wait for botb’s entry!

27 days to go…

Looking forward to hearing!

Two more weeks, deadline is the 27th, anyone got tracks yet?

Almost finished!

So all genres go (“any thing”) or mainly breakbeats and basslines?

Think I’ll join this compo

Any genre, anything, so long as there is a beat using syncopation and polyrhythm somewhere in the track or all throughout, i.e. a breakbeat.

Can’t wait to hear that…

I should have been almost finished too, however, my “hunt” for a specific vocal sample that I could not find made me waste a lot of time… so I’m finishing this in these 11 last days of this contest. I’ll have enough time.

not anymore, I’ll do without it…

but I sure would like to include some kaneel in my xrns if you want to.

record something crazy/screamy and I’ll use it. I still need some more stuff in my song. hehe

I’ve seen that before, tho my english is absolutely not good enough to understand thát! :wacko:

Sorry for my stupid question but what do you mean by ‘multi-platform Renoise files’?

And I can only use samples right? :)

Thats not fair, they have more butterflies in France than we have here :(

I’m in btw ;) I want that discography :D

It’s a recommendation ;)

Got weekend?

Deadline is friday June 27th. Don’t sleep!


I think we all do.