Mute button for sample in Sample properities

(Akiz) #1

Hello, i miss a :mute: button for an individual samples
the workaround is: create modulation set with 0 volume and assign sample you wanna mute to it but it breaks a workflow.
Please make a small M button somewhere. Maybe next to volume input box?

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(Meef Chaloin) #2

Definitely, this drives me crazy, any work around breaks workflow.

(Djeroek) #3

Curious how this is beneficial in your workflow, do you often need it, when?

(Meef Chaloin) #4

When layering drums mostly.

(pat) #5


(Akiz) #6

Yeah, when layering drums mainly.

(Djeroek) #7

When layering drums mostly.

Yeah, when layering drums mainly.

So, layering drums in a multi-sampled instrument, when samples aren’t split across the keyboard, but triggered at the same time? Make sense for a/b on/off cross referencing loudness.

The times I layer drums it is using different tracks (mute & solo through scopes) or rendering in the sample though mix-paste in the sample editor (ctrl+shift+v to bring up a small gui to set the volume addition or cross modulation).

(pat) #8

yeah, and not just drums. any time you want multiple samples triggered by the same key, and you want to quickly check how one of them sounds in isolation

(rburgosnavas) #9

Yeah… this would be so great to have. My workaround is to select samples, go to Keyzones and lower the Note-On Layer for these sample to 00.