Mute samples and toggle visibility in keyzones editor

I don’t know if anyone else considers this usefull, but when working with a lot of overlapping samples and multilayered keyzones in the instrument editor, it becomes increasingly hard for me to select and/or pre-listen to exactly the right sample (and not the other ones, which are overlapping them). I think it would be great if you could temporarily toggle visibilty of certain samples in the keyzones off and also mute them (like you can hide layers e.g. in Photoshop) maybe by clicking a small icon in the sample selection menu. This way they remain in place and you can edit underlying layers more conveniently.

As a workaround I sometimes use the “Note-Off Layer” as a temporary workspace and send everything upwards once I’m finished. However, this is only a good solution if you don’t actually use the Note-Off Layer…