Mute Track With Midi-controller?

Hey folks

Is there a way to map mute track # to midi?

I’m afraid not at the moment, the best you can do is assign a controller to the volume control.
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in the meantime, you can also bind function keys to mute tracks.

It has a limitation though : you have to be careful not to mute several tracks at the same time, because a standard keyboard can usually handle 3 keypress at the same time.

Is that a limitation with the keyboard or with something else?

If it’s with the keyboard wouldn’t it be possible to make a controller that would “emulate” the function keys?

And by the way, what I’ve done so far is just map buttons to channel volume and toggle them between -inf and 0db. Not optimal in that you get sound from tones already played, but it will have to do for now I guess.