My Dear (sinjay Remix)

finally i had time to finish this remix of “My Dear” for Pamela Hute (french rock band)

7 and a half minutes of “drama’n’bass”, or something like that ;)
hang on, it gets pretty drastic towards the end…
thanks to byte and charlie for constructive input on the wip version a while back… turned out helpful!

so, get ree-0954-0954-0954-0954-0954-ady B) hope you enjoy… feedback welcome
(i know the master isn’t that great, this one was hard…)

direct download:
Pamela Hute - My Dear (Sinjay Remix)

if you are curious about the original track you can check out a preview here

WO0o°w!! Sweet track dude. Loads better than a lot of good D&B that’s out there imo. A well executed remix. Wicked structure, rolls along nicely, very hard-hitting style, but with a real funky liquid element. Production sounds sweet to me, far better than anything I’ve done ;)

Actually, can I play this out next week? I’d love to kick off with this :)

Amazing how a remix can improve the original ;) Very original parts in it, especially the groove-change and the placing and rearrangement of the vocals; fits greatly in the style . Except the length is too long (2 minutes), it feels if the track is kind of stretched at the end.
Otherwise very good work.

great tune!
i especially enjoyed the highly diversified but yet very coherent arrangement and the drumwork. i think the mix and master is also pretty neat.
only little reason to gripe would be the length, or more precisely what cie already mentioned: starting from the 6:12 mark i get the impression that the tune is a bit stretched. i think it’s basically because of the bassline riff which becomes a kinda tedious at that point. in my imagination the part @6:55 would glue nicely to that @6:12, forming somewhat of a “dj-out”.
but no matter what dude… this is a seriously kick ass track!

did the band already hear it? hope they know to appreciate what you did with their song, since it’s way better than the original (subjectively spoken). :)

thank you so much duders!

@in-fluence: of course you can mate, i’d be honored :D
hope it gets the floor moving!

@cie and keith:
yeah, i see your point regarding the lenght/end. at some point in the making it was actually a minute longer than now, so i feel i already have stripped it down quite a bit, you know… but i might just try out what you said about the 6:12 mark, that could be a sensible solution. thanks again!

Nice one, thanks man :)

I’ll be sure to get you a recording the moment it becomes available… might even have 1 or 2 of my VJ cams on the dancefloor to show you the reactions - how about that? :D

hah, fantastic! :P
would be sick to see that!

Very good remix man!
It seriously pumps!!

As keith said it’s pretty long, but I think for dj’s that only nice because they can jump in and jump out wherever they like.

Well, sorry to say it, but they didn’t have CD decks there so I couldn’t play it. It was an ‘eventful’ night which pretty much threw everything bad at us during it’s course and resulted in the place being pretty much empty by the time I got on (even though the place was full & pumping only an hour before).

To put it one way - I friggin’ hate pumped up MCs and the attitude that’s completely ruined the scene for us recently, and it’s going to be the last time I take my other half to a night where she’s scared to go on the dancefloor (and she’s not afraid of a bit of a mosh)!

After a little play I found it pretty tricky to find a long enough spot where the tune doesn’t have an extra bar or two which can throw the mix a bit. Towards the end of the track it’s easy enough, and if you’re familiar enough with the tune it’s do-able without letting it play on for too long (just to keep my mixes moving quickly).

That wasn’t a criticism by the way - I really like the little fills & stuff!

Best I can do is play it next monday on my radio show for ya…You’re welcome to listen or request a recording when it’s done :)

Sorry for the rant!

It’s really fucking great!!! :drummer:


Wow, sweet ! :panic:

Listening at the original song, I wonder how you extracted such proper vocals. Is there a vocal-only part during the song ? Or did you extract it from a 5.1 mix ? or maybe you have access to a accapella version ?

thanks all

Jiyunatori: no, i actually recieved the tracks from the band, so that was pretty easy :)

i hear you mate. too bad about the cirumstances.
i’ve also experienced crap like that, where promotors or others involved have wrecked the whole night/flow with their “bright” ideas, or lack of both “bright” and ideas… it’s a shame. But, fortunately, all the good times of dj’ing usually make up for the sucky ones, right? ^_^

and hm yes, mixing this tune in/out from somewhere in the middle can be tricky. when i have time i’ll maybe make an edit and fix this, if it doesn’t ruin the natural arrangment. or even make a 2nd dj friendly version. glad you mention it.

i’ll definitely check out your radioshow on monday, thanks! :yeah:

very awesome man


Shit how could I have missed this? I should check the song forum more often :rolleyes:

Very nice stuff. I haven’t heard the original but my gues is that this blows it into oblivion! Love the beat :drummer:

I like the drum work a lot. The bass sound could use even more wobble wobble. Nice clear mix with some dynamics still left intact. I like the original as well. Goodie!

Actually, the original track sucks bigtime in comparison with this remix!!! ;)

PS: and I gotta say it once again - Denim, you just rock, man!!!

Denim - i don’t need to listen to the original to know this is better… wow, this is hot! love the retrig/slicing, melodic organ grooves (+scream filter i’m thinking?)

For my tastes, Cie might be right about trimming it… but I’m thinking at 6:33.

In case you didn’t catch it ;)

hey, thanks in-fluence! yeah, missed it on monday, so this is tops.
listened to the entire set, and enjoyed it very much. lots of goodie tracks and transitions in there :yeah:

and though the start felt a little bit bumpy/stressed (?) i’m glad you included my track :)
i do however see your point more clearly now about the in/out mixing, it’s probably too much stuff going on in the middle to find a proper place for seamless beatmixing… which is definitely something i’ll keep in mind for upcoming tracks.

i guess i should have made one version for the “livingroom listeners” and one for the club/djs. maybe i’ll do just that, doesn’t take so much time anyway

thanks again mate!