My First Track: Feedback Would Be Welcome...

…well, the first track under my Gliiitches moniker. And the first track I’ve finished to use Renoise in the process:

Gliiitches MySpace Page

I am really unsure how people will recieve this track. As I’ve tried to explain in the MySpace biog thing, my areas of interest include: electronica / acousmatic / musique concrete / found sound / field recording / electroacoustic / sound art / biomusic / microsound / sound collage / generative music / aleatoric music / algorithmic music / noise music… and I’m not sure who else on the forum likes this sort of stuff.

I guess the best comparison I can make - in terms of a piece of music in this genre that people are likely to have heard - is ‘Revolution 9’ from The Beatles’ ‘White Album’. I’m not a Beatles fan, but ‘Revolution 9’ is possibly the most widely distributed avant garde ‘music’ ever!

Any comments/reaction would be welcome. Be as critical as you like, I know I am asking for it by releasing this kind of ‘music’ I would hope though that people can appreciate the value in treading a different path and pushing the boundaries. Which, I humbly but fervently, believe I am trying to do.



*this topic should be in the song forum, no? :slight_smile: *

Like to hear a better, less myspace compressed version of your track, sounds good.

My mistake! I thought the song forum was for Renoise song files. Moderators please feel free to move this post :D

Thanks for the words and taking the time to listen, Jonas. Do you know of somewhere that allows uploading of larger (i.e. WAV) files? I don’t have a website of my own yet to host stuff.

Hey there! I haven’t checked out any of the suggestions there yet, but there’s a pinned thread in the song forum that should interest you. It’s called Sites 2 Upload Songs 2. I hope it helps you out.