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(dufey) #1

Alright, so, alot of people have the problem they don’t know where to put/upload their files/songs on the Internet.

So I thought we’d all just “gather” all the places where it’s FREE to upload songs.

I usually load mine up at


What about YOU??


PS: happy new years!

Where Do People Post Songs?
My First Track: Feedback Would Be Welcome...
(Mekkah) #2

Nice thread Dufey…

This site gives you only 15 megs for free (if you want unlimited space you must pay)to upload your songs… but I like it

Nowhere radio

(Robb Walker) #3

I use

Not a bad site and is free but not as good as indielaunch (which is sadly no longer with us…)

(dufey) #4


If you understand Norwegian, you could check this site out


This site will, if you sign up for a homepage, give you 20 megabytes of free space to upload whatever you want…
I’ve got 2 “homepages” (accounts) where I keep my songs.

…Thing is though, the site is a bit… well, it can be a bit difficult to create accounts on it at times. But if you’re looking for free space (aren’t we all) it’s worth checking out.

Just thought i’d mention it.

(rotello) #5

i ve an account with
the service is not top notch but the price is extremely Low ( 20 euro for domain name + space) .
good thing is: UNLIMITED space and “more or less” unlimited bandwidth!

Very good if you have Hunderds of megas of Ogg :slight_smile:


(Atlantis) #6

I’ve just found out about Audio-Massive, though I’m not sure if it’s any good because I’ve only just signed up.

(Chris Edberg) #7

No one have heard of ? Unlimitied space for FREE. But you have to zip your mp3’s and they are not allowed to be over 8 MB each. However despite those small flaws it’s the best place without a doubt.

(Andy:Ray) #8

Dance Industries Music-Artist Pages

edit by It-Alien: removed CTGmusic from the list because it does not allow songs uploading. If more of these sites don’t allow it, please remove them, thanks


(escii) #9

why not putting them on your own homepage?

(Gilli) #10

Because of missing webspace. And not everyone has got his own homepage. Maybe it’s not usual, okay but you’ll still experiance that.
And at the end many homepages consist of index.htm and links to the artist page on one of those mentioned music sites.

(Nifflas) #11

Has nobody suggested yet? They’re great!

(keith303) #12 for me ever since.
very reliable and fast.

(krokpitr) #13

Offtopic, but: “She felt like” kicks ass, master! :D

(dopefish) #14

Track4-Music Community (in German)

You can upload your songs, they create Real-Audio Streams. Charts, but a limit of 5 Songs per user…

(LauriT) #15

If your Finnish speaking then your first choice would be of course They offer free mp3 uploading. Recommended maximum file size is 10 megs (because of bandwidth issues…) and encoding limit is 160kbs. Single user can have as many projects and uploads as he wishes and you can also hot link to your songs. Everything is of course completely free. The only down side is that only mp3’s are accepted.

(LauriT) #16

Nobody has mentioned It is a paid service but you get first three uploads for free. Also you can upload the source files in addition to the mere mp3’s. You can also earn credits by writing comments and reviews on songs if you don’t want to pay for the service.

(kiste) #17

If you speak Estonian and want to distribute your music or art (not just store it somewhere), should be your first choice. B) It’s fast, totally free and has no upload limits.

(hyena) #18

similar to butu dont have to send demos and being accepted.

they host everthing with no space limits.


(vV) #19

If you have some space found… there may be a few other tools that can be handy to track certain styles of music like irate…

This site shows some tips and also links to music hosts.

(Unik's) #20

You only need to know two places:

The best two music upload sites on the net. :w00t: :dribble: