My Google+ Profile

Hi I started a Renoise Circle i have Just 2 people in it at the moment but would like more

just Make a post and we can start connecting up with each other.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I get a 404 error from your link.

Link fixed.

you need to delete this part from the link, then it works

Good looking out. I fixed the original link.

can you back that up with some invites? :)

Added you to my Renoise circle. I am Codey Christensen.

Renoise artists add me up… Kyle Conflict ;)

This is me:

I have no idea what this is about.

I see a page with a lot of posts but the word Renoise is nowhere to be found.
I also see a yellow highlighted errormessage on top of the frame mentioning that the action could not be completed.
I do know Google stuff can be very erratic regarding my last experience with google Waves.

There’s no concept of a “Renoise Group” like on Facebook or YouTube, yet.

A “Google Circle” is just a bin you put your friends in. You can have a two dozen circles, name them whatever you want, and no one will see them. It’s a way to partition your personal info feeds.

The original post makes it seem like your joining a Renoise club. Instead, it’s their personal profile. I’m renaming the thread…

Yep. The original post is indeed slightly misleading. I’ve just read that Google will shortly be introducing business profiles which will be roughly equivalent to a Facebook page. Until then, it seems impossible to create an official Renoise presence on Google+ (without potentially abusing/misusing a personal profile, that is).

just added anyone i could find. what i like most is seeing people’s real names :)

now off to experiment with Google+ !

btw: you can find me as ‘Roald Blijleven’

I have two circles now. “People Who Died Before I Did” and “Porn.” Am I doing it wrong?

I’ve got invites, pm your email. :)

  1. Login to G+
  2. Go to
  3. Search for: renoise
  4. +1 the first result

made a renoise circle and added you guys. add me: --removed–

Here is mine: < Me

I’m doing the same. My name is Dave Smith-Hayes, by the by.