My Identity And Music Has Been Stolen!

okay, so first i saw this:…useProcessingEp

which is also listed on discogs here:…release/1995038

and seems to be on some sort of netlabel here:

whats weird about this? well, firstly i am jon weinel, and i didn’t do this. 3 of the tracks on here are by me:- the 1st track is a recent one i did called ‘swamp process’, and 2 of them were on a netlabel release i did ages ago called turtle acid - harlechcore, but the names have been changed. the other track is not one of mine…

then there’s this:…_promo_mix.html…al_Mixtape.html

they appear to be selling shitty drum and bass mixes under my name…
they’ve even taken my avatar and a bunch of my artwork and stuff. and there’s fake artwork for a mix i did called ‘nightstep’ with an incorrect tracklisting.


apparently, according to a post by ‘me’ on that site, this is my new ambient project:

f-u-c-k that’s NOT cool :angry:

report this to Discogs and,
and i’m sure they’ll remove it.

and if yelling/emailing that netlabel and that russian site don’t work,
there’s always a way to get it removed, or at least to mess with it properly (…)

i don’t know if you’re into programming or have any h4x0r skills, but i’m sure
someone could help you with that B)

The world is full of greedy assholes.

Maybe you can use some of these tips: My Website Design Was Stolen! Now What?

I have no idea how to help, but this sure sucks whoa :blink:

its weird more than anything, and slightly funny. but then also a bit weird…

at least i’m big in russia now. let just hope jon weinel doesn’t register on this forum and start saying i’m the fake. it could all turn total recall.

But what if he turns out to be a better you than you? Would you hold it against us, your friends or family if we prefered the clone? And what if there is a nest of them? Blank persons sleeping in underground chambers until called to replace another one… who will be next?!

Collaboration? :D
no but seriously…crack down on that

What if it is me? All this time I thought I was sleeping… now all the mysterious plane tickets to Odessa UA make sense…

Anyway it’s fine. I’ve logged in and stated my intention to challenge the fake Jon Weinel to a duel. Pistols at dawn!

The netlabel stopped 4 days after releasing this obscure EP and released another one the day after. Strange…

Keep us informed how you’re doing with taking them down!

If you can afford it and the music buisness is going your way(aside from this that is); then hire a laywer, atleast discuss this with one in your respective country. Could sometimes be enough to discourage any further hobby-gangsters.

Good luck! (you’ll need it :P )

That is old fashioned and won’t work, specially not in east-block countries like Russia.

lol :D

Siberia alone is bigger than the entire EU

well i posted a load of comments saying it was fake and messaged the guy on the site. the comments i wrote about it being fake have been removed, but he took down the artwork at least, though he’s still operating under my name. i also reported it to the website, though i somehow doubt they’ll do anything about it. guy wrote a stupid reply saying he was “advancing the idea”. i’ve also reported the fake ep to and discogs, so it should be down soon enough…

Well, sorry, i tend to speak about Russia as if it still is the Sovjet Union but you are right, it became a small country… You are already pretty much an outcast if you are not from Moscow…

Yea you might be right, but from my understanding its not a company or a group/etc that has hijacked his tunes, its one single dude, and im sure he will be questioning his logic when laywers start calling. If not im sure we have some russian dudes in here in need of an extra buck ;)

i’m pretty sure the guy found my stuff on myspace and grabbed it from there, then followed some links and grabbed more stuff here and there. it does make you wonder how many other artists on here have had their stuff taken but don’t know it though - i mean it seems particularly silly that the guy decided to steal my stuff and then call himself me… normally you’d think he would just take the tracks and put them under his own name, right? i haven’t used myspace for ages anyway but i’ve decided to delete the account to at least reduce the likelyhood of this sort of thing slightly.

anyway like i said, aside from this release on which should be gone soon, there’s nothing left which is mine now on this other site in terms of artwork or music, just the name, and at the end of the day that’s just a username so there’s not much you can do about it.

end of the story the fake release is gone from and the dude banned from the “promo dj” website. hooray!