My Order Of New Features For Renoise X.X

I know I’ll get some disagreement on this thought I just had, but I hope that the developers don’t add new features entirely based upon what is receiving the most votes in the backstage area. Obviously, these are features that should be implemented since the people buying the software are requesting them, but I think some basic things need to be added first.

  1. Count in before recording. Someone listed this in the ideas and suggestions forum and I can’t believe it wasn’t in the program all along. You don’t think about it, but this is something that basically gets used by people who record live in every project and every session.

  2. More obvious render to instrument feature. Another small thing. You can already render to an instrument, but for new users it might take a few minutes to find. It would be easier to just right click on an instrument slot and have a save/render to instrument option right there. Easy.

  3. Note repeat. My personal wish. I just don’t understand why DAW’s dont’ have this feature. Akai is selling the MPK49 controller for 200 dollars more than most other controllers of the same size. And they only have two different features. This and an arpeggiator. So this accounts for at least 100 dollars more made on every item sold. Gotta get this guys. It’ll definitely boost sales. Especially since the MPK49 is apparently a pain in the ass to get this feature working correctly.

Anyway these are just 3 features that I think should get high priority. The first two because they’re just so damn simple.

And the third, the note repeat, because it’s something that would attract some new costumers to use Renoise. Okay I’d just really like to have this feature for myself, but I wanted to try and make the developers think about the benefit for themselves in the hopes they’d get intrigued by the idea.

Hope I didn’t come off as being too self-important with my ideas.

Hi, well you really look too “self-important” with such a topic…

what you think that are “basic things” can be the least important features to the most of people; we make polls exactly to understand what is most important for most of people. where we can fail is on identifying the features to be added to the poll, but we cannot make a poll for it :)

I really don’t manage to see your point here.

I still would REALLY like if you could interpolate notes (since you can do it to almost anything else in RNS). I don’t know much about programing, but I’d imagine that it wouldn’t be too much code to add.

That and if there were shortcut keys for LOG and EXP interpolating as well.

:::fingers crossed:::

Ok, I’m done. :D

J Dilla is dead. :(

Let us cover this with the soft blanket of ignorance.
JDilla is an enthousiastic Renoise user so let us rejoice!

All fair and good suggestions.
But unfortunately there are literally hundreds of small suggestions like this :)
So to decide what to implant next can be sometimes a delicate issue but other times almost random.
Usually we focus on some main issues for each release but at the same time always throw into some small new things and improvements as well.

Then there is the the overall picture of things. How to make everything fit feature-wise and not make a huge mess of everything. Many features are deliberate postponed because we have to wait for a larger feature to be implanted first, or else we would have to recode/redesign things over and over again.
For instance your third suggestion would be solved by the new XRNI structure we are thinking of (a huge feature, but one that will also solve many small feature requests).

You already got a lot of feedback on the ratio of importance. IT-Alien made a very good point in why the choice for features voted on the backstage are being taken in consideration with a higher priority.

As for the little inconveniences that you might experience:

  1. Count-in has my favor as well, yet just using an empty 16 lined pattern and enabling the metronome does the job as perfect as well.
    If i need to adjust a piont in a pattern at a later stadium, i use the start of the pattern as my count-in.

  2. The suggestion is great and for certain worth considering. But you call this “another small thing” yourself, so in what case should we consider this as “much more important” (with emphasizing “Another” also implying option 1 does not seem that really important either) ?

  3. Most daw’s have a Quantize or Nudge option. Enabling quantizing feature offers you to lock to specific steps. Renoise has EditStep as well which allows you to quickly fill a track with equally divided notes into the track (without having to let the pattern or song play).
    For any other automatic rythm or automatic pattern sequences; drum sequences or drum-loops are being used instead which works tremendously well for lots of “live” users.

So as Bantai already said:
Worth to be taken into consideration, but very doubtful whether a lot of other users would vote for it out of a range of a lot of other big improvement-desires.

The voting is back?
Runs backstage like a 19 year old groupie…

Note repeat? You mean like, 0Exx?

he means this.

actually this feature request is what makes this topic look a bit absurd to say the least… he himself states that this feature is “a personal wish”, still the general idea of the topic is that these features have absoultely to be implemented before even dare starting a poll… that’s why I considered the post too less objective.

I personally find this feature completely useless, for example.

Ok… I think I know what he means. There’s a feature in Impulse Tracker that repeats small sections of a pattern a given number of times before continuing… old sequencers could do this too. Kaneel’s always asking if this feature could be implemented, and I agree that it would be useful for many who make IDMish musics. I’d personally love to mess with such functionality.

I agree with the poster about the count-in feature.

Renoise made an emergence into an entirely new market with the more accurate timing. Previous to the new timing function, renoise failed for more classical musicians who actually get the notes in by playing them in. (By the way, I am not one of those people, although I wish I could).

In any case, the new functionality makes renoise much more capable of producing pieces of music it could not reproduce before. So if the new renoise is “about” live recording and attracting a wider userbase, then those featuers should be fleshed out as a priority. Otherwise it’s (kind of) like a half implemented feature - or at least not taken to it’s full potential.

Don’t mind me… Think I had some bad Thai food or something. lol

Although I do think the count in feature really should be at the top of the list.

Sorry if I was babbling. I really don’t know what the fuck I was getting at.


Not sure about top of or even on the list as it’s so easy to execute in the pattern editor. Might make for a fun little
pattern effect though .

I often used this also with relative commands and looping patterns. Like put x04 as command and then looped next x00’s to make a slide. I could also reuse them if I needed for different values. IT was so fun for stuff like this.

It’s all just about live performance. Some people like to perform certain elements of their songs live. Some don’t. I know I’ve fallen into the trap at times of just placing hits in the pattern editor manually at times when it wasn’t a good idea and the results were less than inspiring. Working manually certainly has it’s advantages, but so does being able to record live. Some people may be able to play a 64th note hi-hat pattern nicely live, but I’m not one of them. I can’t make some of the snare rolls I’d like to play either.
I’ve never tried an akai mpc before, but I’d love to get the chance to try some of their functions.
Please include some.