My Renoise Song Template

Here’s a stripped down version of my song template.
Download XRNS: shockbroker template.xrns (6.5 KB)


3rd party plugins has been stripped out such as EQs on most tracks and SEND TRACKS are filled with reverb and delays.
… Check out my music while you’re at it :wink:

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Cool man :slight_smile:
here’s my template:
126 template.xrns (556.6 KB)
check out my music too :upside_down_face:


Amazing use of native effects… did you strip any 3rd party effect plugins?

What do you use the TUNING track for?

Your music sounds great, all mixed very well.

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Mixing is a never-ending struggle for improvement, imo, so, really glad to hear if you think it sounds decent!

I don’t use any non-native fx in mixdown or mastering, usually… Although they do sometimes work their way into sound design/instrument building.

The TUNING track is just to offer a reference frequency if I need it. Sometimes I will work around a specific frequency for neural oscillation (aka “brainwave”) entrainment effects, i.e. 40Hz gamma-wave, especially with healing music, and sometimes in harmonic psytrance as well. I use a lot of native synthesis, and often my starting waveforms are inharmonic/noise-based or vary in fundamental tuning, so it can be useful to have a reference against which to tune by ear, especially when the music is harmonically oriented. A lot of what I do is pretty atonal/timbre-driven, so I don’t always end up using the tuning track, but it’s definitely handy to have a dedicated track for it when I need it!

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