My Therapist Wants To Know What You Think Of My Music

…cuz she thinks i’m cuhrayzee.
(if you haven’t heard it yet, click below)

i’ve listened all the tracks several times and slowly i realized … you could be squarepusher or aphex twin !! or at least like their music a lot ! :dribble: (sorry had to compare it to something)

anyhow… i would buy this if it was molded into a album. some songs needs some final tweaking imo (structure wise) suppose i could tell you which songs that are but i guess you know already… perhaps some songs could do with some vocal parts (yes!?). ‘61107metta’ is one of those i find freaking awesome !

sooo… i would tell the therapist that uhm… dunno really. that you made someone really happy with your music and that it was used to day dream while laying in a sunny park. oh and that you need funding for further promotion… ? :ph34r:

i’m a fan (in fact i was a kidwolfman fan from your first posted song, yay) :)

Wow… I’m floored… This music absolutely kicks ass k1d_w01fman… any tips for those of us that are looking for a similar sound? What kind of sound sources are you using? Samples/VSTs/effects/etc?

I can digg most songs… the only songs i really threw away quickly again were the two kw…mp3 songs from the noise devision.
How can you even produce this kind of noise for 118 minutes long?

Leeching the archive now. Looking forward to this. :)

listened thru all of it, it was teh trip :w00t: very creative, keep it up :yeah:

Some brilliant stuff here, man! Listening to kwfuknov.mp3 now from your noise-section, stunning ambient noise! :D

thanks a lot everybody…you sure know how to make a guy feel better :)

In reference to the noise section, kwfuknov and kwmaybefuk were done in one sitting…i guess i just really enjoy improvising noise. I think the best way to listen to that kind of stuff is on a loud boom-box.

As for VST’s and what not…I don’t really use them anymore but they are great to get ideas from. Everything at rules. All the sounds on these tracks were made in Bidule and Reaktor. Bidule is great for messing with routing, Audiomulch is freakin awesome too…but I make pretty much all sounds and fx in Reaktor… freakin solid.

Well I think you just sold me on Reaktor… between you and my little cousin in Winnipeg who’s doing some kickass industrial shit with it… I’m floored.

we are your new therapists.

you’re not crazy.

the music is beautiful.

Oh wait… I lied… he’s using Reason… not Reaktor.

I love fooly1. It’s all pretty great!

your stuff is creative! i like. the crazy people always make the best music, i think. definitely very aphex twinny/autechre. your sound is nice and clean, too, which i always much appreciate. if i heard this in a shop, i’d grab the CD.

If you get a chance, check out my stuff here!


Awesome stuff, dude!
keep it up! really. I haven’t listened to all of it, yet, but i really enjoyed, what i’ve heard so far. :D