Native Software Synthesizers

Hello, my idea is that Renoise should have it’s own native soft synths. Now it has its native effects, so why not native instruments ? Instruments shoud be given from free vst developers. Or is it so much difficult ? I am not a programmer, I am a musician. I have this idea because of lack of vst instruments in Linux and solutions like emulate win vst are neck-breaking. It could be platform independent - as native renoise effects.

What do you think ? Is it possible ?

I totally agree. Even one good one would make a big difference.
Renoise version of synth1 would ROCK!! :drummer:

Of course this isn’t a problem for windows users but it is big thing for linux users, i dunno about mac users.
It would bring some more combatibility with different users and even with different OS. (Not everybody have all vst(i)'s either)

If i could do all music stuff with linux i would stop using windows. Crappy vst-support in linux is the reason why i can’t stop using windows. Vst-plugins that i have in linux are not that stable either.

personally i dont see why having a native synthesizer would make a difference, :blink: theres a TON of great free vsts out there

  • Because it makes it easier to work with other artists which may not have same vst’s.
  • Compatibility with different OS. For example vst-support for linux sucks.

Yes the right reason for a such native plugin is mainly linux version of renoise. I feel bad from a windows version, I don’t like it.
On linux there are max 10 vst plugins, which aren’t great.
I am very curious if there is a chance to make some native instrument plugin.

just run renoise through wine,and use your vsts that way,thats what i do :D

I wrote about my reasons here:…8964&st=125

and the text was:

WINE - Yes, I tested it. 2 things:

first: It doesn’t support multicore cpu (probably wine doesn’t support it). I don’t need much CPU performance, but If I have a multicore cpu, I want renoise to take use of it.

second: When I play vst instrument on a PC keyboard and hold a key, it doesn’t play the whole note and it triggers a note always from a start, i am crazy from this thing. Of course I can use external MIDI keyboard, but I don’t want do it, I want to fix this bug. I went through all configuration in wine and also in renoise, but I didn’t find anything to solve it.

+1 for a native synth ^_^

I think TMT is right. If we had a synth in renoise we can change our tracks cross the os.

Yes you argument with wine and so on. Yes you can route audio to reaper. And so on … blablabla …

This i think is not a good point of view. It must be the way to integrate more and more features that makes no sense open other programs, because you can make enough with renoise.

It would also nice to have an statement how the dev see it with the integration of a synth.

This is requestet not alone in this thread!


By the time Renoise could make a synth, someone else could also make a synth. Hundreds of synths.

Those 10 synths on Linux that “aren’t great” is what you get for using Linux. People not making plug-ins for your platform is not the fault of Renoise. It’s the fault of no one making them for your platform.

I say: More coders, less beggars?

Would be nice if it had a few basic ones. It has the function to make your own instruments out of samples but that can’t only take you so far.

A nice, little FM synth with the option of user waveforms and multiple operators would be quite cool and hopefully quite simple and light. Obviously with FM you want a fixed size of waveform otherwise results can sound real nasty (or do people want that?)

A basic multi-oscillator synth which uses most of the same parts as the current instrument section could also maybe be done. Detunes and all envelopes for each waveform, which can be loaded or drawn like many other Renoise functions.

i’m doing a roundup for releasing up to date (working in renoise too) JUCED vst, starting from linux then also making them available for windows and mac.

here are some downloads:

cheers !

in my opinion there are other things higher on the list than this IMHO :D

it’s clear, this topic exists few hours

the idea existed since taktik removed Noistrekker’s synth, I think

I think a native synth is badly needed
Not only does it allow cross platform compatability when doing collabs but also allows demo tunes with built in synths and post example sonds to the forum with synths in them too

Either that or much updated sample support with velocity zones and much more synth capability than we currently have now
Then again i can see some people here want Renoise to stay just a tracker and that is no bad thing i guess


+1 for a native synth
big time.

having just switched over to linux, i would have agreed with everyone up until a few days ago.

fundamentally a synth either generates or reads a waveform right?

renoise does that already.

then it sends the signal through filters, effects, and can be routed around right?

all there natively, and in a modular fashion i think you’ll find.

even better than a dedicated synth, you have a whole bunch of thirdparty plugins out there to mix and match with, and in this case you dont have to put them in the chain after “the synth”,… put them where ever you want to.

throw in the great meta devices and you’re looking at quite a flexible synth.

need an arp? just use the tracks as normal.

the only thing missing is the ability to map multiple waveforms to one key,… an xrni issue.

but then again, surely you guys are seperating your frequencies to make them easier to control right? making the mapping issue only a slight inconvenience.

with renoise having rewire and jack support you can run 2 or more instances of renoise,… one for your composition and one dedicated as a synth.

look at renoise sideways for a second and i think you’ll see that it already is quite a powerful synth if you want to use it as such. add in the mapping of multiple samples to a key and youve got a killer unlimited synth capable of loading or generating practically any sound.

i think the devs should pay more attention to the arranger and xrni structure, which in turn will improve renoise’s abilities as a synth.

Trunk you are of course completely wrong
Renoise can not achieve some of the things even the most basic of synths can do
It’s sample engine is good for what it is but that is all

I could run off a long list of things that renoise couldnt do that a simple synth could but it is not currently designed to do so and does what it is designed for really well


the sounds you can currently get out of sample(loop) generated sounds + patterncommands, instrument editor + dsp/vst is sooooo much more interesting than whatever vsti synth IMO!