Native Software Synthesizers

I was almost temped to throw together what could be considered a 3 oscillator subtractive synth in a .xrns but been busy and realised how unwieldy it would be. Simple Sine, Square and Ramp waves. Three tracks to one group track so each can be effected differently before the master track.

You would have to have to just between instruments in the instrument editor page to change basic envelopes and LFOs. The to change parameters of the effects, EQ, master effects and filtering would be impossible as Renoise effects don’t have a GUI you can unstick and put to the side like most VSTs, meaning again jumping through pages and lots of scrolling.

The whole point would be how the UI would be brought together and you not having to navigate around half a dozen pages to make adjustments to your sound.

As to somebody else coding one. Has Taktik actually released enough of the code for a truly Renoise Native synth to be written by anybody else? Rather than just a bundled VST one.

It’s not that we are blaming anyone, is it?
Renoise is great piece of software as it is but it doesn’t mean it can’t improve. It’s just my opinion but when you make native versions for different platforms, you should also make maximum compatibility cross them. Otherwise it can feel like it’s not the same program.
One thing is that even tho there is some plugins that have win and linux versions, they don’t work together. I mean that their presets doesn’t work in both versions. That is big compatibility issue.

I’m am not a coder and my view is pure artistic. I would like to hear devs official opinion about this synth thing?
To be honest, i don’t know how big the dev team actually is and who does what. :unsure:
I don’t feel like we (or at least i) are begging, more like thowing ideas in the air. I know it’s not easy to be a developer and they shouldn’t take too much pressure about this.

That works for you, it may not work for all of us. Important thing about music and arts in general is that you find the right tools and methods for you that you can unleash your inspiration the best way you can. You don’t need to stick with one method either. You can mix all the tools available, depending project.
I don’t feel like i need pianoroll, beatslicer or arranger for example but i don’t mind if Renoise has them, it’s not away from me if someone else get better tools for him/her.

+1 from another Linux user.

This is the kind of feature I would make a donation to get done, but not that much of a deal if taktik decides it would take too much time away from more important tasks.


perhaps you are right in that how to “emulate” some things a synth can do might not be immediately obvious.

but i’m pretty sure that if you list what you want to do, chances are someone here more familiar than i with both renoise and synthesis, will probably come up with a solution.

yeah i never said it was going to be pretty.


how big is a difference between native effect plugins and possibly native instruments plugins ? I don’t know. maybe native effect plugins is a good base for instrument plugins. In another topic I said, that I will buy renoise, if it will have native instruments… because I am a linux user. Was it a mistake to build a linux version ? How many linux licences were sold ? Renoise development goes on. What will be after 10 years ? ports vst plugins to linux as native, it’s a great work and I am very glad about it… but it is very slow process and still not all plugins works well.
Renoise is a great tracker, but why not improve it more and more.
I dreamed about programming a tracker once, I know a coder (without free time duh, lol)… but I think that if renoise exists, I can stop dream about a tracker and use renoise.
I have a choice - I have two hardware synthesizers, so I can use renoise use as a midi tracker sequencer, but why not use a native instrument plugin ?

My own specification about a first synth:
3 oscillators, saw, pulse, sine, tri, noise, ring modulation, frequency modulation, sync oscillators, adsr, filter adsr, aeg, feg, peg, no effects needed you can use renoise native

and the last my opinions about other new ideas:
zoomable patterns - this is a great function, I thought about it sometimes, too
piano roll - this function could be a strategic step to bring new users, (btwI thought often that fruity loops could have a tracker plugin editor… )

so is here next user, who uses only linux ?
how many linux users renoise currently uses ?

thank you for your comment, especially for those who agree :wink:

Noooooo!!! :panic:

Not a native synth!!! It would really be like opening a can of million worms. This subforum would be flooded with requests for new synth features, there simply is no limit.


i think that this is a great idea. ableton does it… one of the primary reasons i use ableton more than renoise nowadays. and if it was such a bad idea, why would any other daw maker bother doing it

Not only linux because Renoise doesn’t have native synth. :P
Reason why i can’t use only linux is that i can’t do all music stuff in it. I would gladly leave windows but at the moment it’s not possible.

Ableton with instruments costs 549 Euro…

NoiseTrekker, the mothership of Renoise, had 2 TB303s and was free…

Jeskola Buzz is free with hundreds of native plugins. Many of them are pretty good ones too.

A basic synth–Sine, square, noise, etc, and then LFO and all that, sort of like a C64 or moog sort of thing, things one would find with a very basic synthesizer, would be really nice, especially if those fast arpeggio things you can do with effect commands with samples could be done with these.

I think it would be really cool.

I guess I don’t understand how this would differ from the functionality already in renoise if you just bring in a sampled waveform.

Simple answer: Sine waves and noise waves played at low frequencies. If you play a sample of a sine or noise wave at a slower rate, you’ll blatantly hear the samplerate. It doesn’t apply nearly as much to the other kinds of waves, but with sine and noise waves it’s really apparent.

exactly. samples are static, software adapt to the circumstances in a ninja like fashion.

…but if you use a couple of keygroups…?

I dunno, I can’t hear the samplerate in the way that you’re describing on a sine wave.

exactly, though I can somewhat understand the need from the linux users…maybe if Renoise just had a few generator metadevices and what not, people could hook them up in a modular set-up to however they want it.

For myself and many others, it’s very blatant. There are some people who cannot even tell the difference between a 64kbps mp3 and a 192kbps mp3 as well–it’s like people who can’t hear the nasty compression rate in XM/Sirius radio (which is a NASTY 34 kbbs unless you pay extra to get it up to 128–and sadly, there are tons of people who don’t notice it). For me it’s screamingly obvious.

this is a very good idea

If you are making music with synth sounds with samples, it’s like using duct tape instead of real solutions. May not bother everybody but it’s still nasty. Not even MacGyver would approve that.