Need Help Getting My Novation Launchpad Working Correctly

So I am running v2.6 beta with my novation launchpad. I just got the launchpad today and I’ve been trying to get it set up with no avail. I can actually use the launchpad as a very basic midi controller – I can map it to buttons in the UI – but I’d really like to be able to do some step-editing like this: Renoise Based Audio-video Step Sequencer

I’m just confused on what I’m doing wrong here. here are my basic questions:

  • LaunchPad comes with Automap. Does this need to be running?
  • The forum thread here Renoise Based Audio-video Step Sequencer lists out software required – which I have indeed downloaded and installed (Renoise Based Step-Sequencer v0.1, 8x8 Sliders for LaunchPad, Max Runtime) — I’m running on OSX right now and Max5 seems to load but doesn’t give me any sort of interface. Should it? What is the purpose of the 8x8 slider and the Step Sequencer, and why would I use it instead of just Renoise?
  • How do I launch renoise in Slave mode? The instructions here – – tell me that if I launch a “master app” then Renoise will simply prompt me to run in Slave mode. What is the master app in this situation? Automap? 8x8 slider? Max Runtime? The step sequencer?
  • How does ReWire fit in to the equation?
  • All of these apps are asking for what I want for Launchpad in, out, and MIDI out… What’s the rule of thumb here?

Anyway, just generally scratching my head over all of this. Thanks for any help.


[center]Message JBL. He can send you the max patch prolly… He’s the man to talk to about what you want probably. Do you use MAX/MSP atall? This may be something to get into if for what you like im sure. Hope this helps!

_o0m [/center]

So I actually have this almost working… For some reason though when I get to the end of the pattern list it doesn’t loop back to the top of the patterns, it just gets to the last pattern and keeps looping that pattern. Don’t have any repeats set or anything that I can tell. Any clue?

You don’t need Max, ReWire & Co to get the launchpad running in Renoise 2.6
use Duplex instead. Duplex can be downloaded here:

  • drag and drop the duplex.xrnx onto Renoise
  • in Renoise select “Tools->Duplex->Browser”
  • Select Launchpad and the App you want to use, probably set up MIDI device by clicking on the “Settings” button
  • Make sure automap is disable for the launchpad

I just traded up to 2.6 beta and am using the Duplex matrix tools – and seems to work great! So I think I’m set.

Thanks for that! :)

Too bad I don’t have 2.6 sigh lol. Cummonnnnnnnn 2.6 release! so I can register and get a licence =D [center]

I want a Gold version so I can use it in competitions.

i use my launchpad the same way its done in this video

its really fun,its just a matter of hitting ctrl+m and midi-map away