New Abstract Hip-Hop track - Dance With Your Demons

Hey !

I want to share with you a new track with video clip 100% Renoise on Linux :wink:

For this track I used OverTone DSP plugins, Dragonfly Reverb, Carla and Calf plugins and I made the video with Kdenlive.

See you…


I would call this a hip hop-dance ethnic track. Absolutely amazing !!!

Yeah it’s sound very nice, I love it :wink: Hip-Hop dance ethnic electro track !!

And I would like to say it’s the first track that I made the mixage myself, so if you have some advices :wink:

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No i like the mix also i forgot to tell you that the video is f@cking awesome!!!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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good job man! :boom:


Very well done!! I really like it when what is happening in the music is reflected in what happens on screen. And you sure did a nice job on that. Looking forward to seeing more of your things.

:slight_smile: Thank you…

If you want I made a post with my last EP a fiew months ago The Other Side - Didgeridoo & Abstract Hip-Hop :wink:
I proud of this project !

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You should be! It’s good stuff.

I listened to your The Other Side EP. That is good stuff too. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you very much, it’s motive me :wink: