New Fluffy Lil' Release..

just finished and released a new tune with renoise ßeta1/2.
can be downloaded over here incase of interest.

Enjoyed it to fluffy little bits of beats and pieces floating in my ear. Prolly best tune I’ve heard from you, man!

Fluffy? LITTLE???

are you ill Keith? :D This one is simply a BOMB and surely not fluffy though! Your song will definatly find a place in my playlist :)

glad to hear you two fellas liked it,
thanks for the nice words :)

whilst checking it in my car stereo today, i noticed the tune somewhat lacks a bit pressure in the lower frequencies. do you also miss some bass below the ~100hz mark or are it just my lousy car speakers?
hmmz… me so lousy @mastering :(

Really really great !

Keith: I listened with headphones and didn’t miss anything, but a friend of mine complained about lack of depth compared to the precussion or something… I suck at mastering myself, but I’m getting better at hearing “this is not right”, good step in the right direction. :)

Might be a good idea to send this tune to one of the mastering-people posting on the board?

(fixed misspelling, cos I care.)

hmm yes your friend seems to be right, i did some EQing on the suspicious channels and altered the compression and i think it’s not really good now, but at least better than before…

seeing (hearing) what a real professional could do with a badly mastered track would be a true joy, but i’m not really up to pay serious $$$ for that, since my wallet could be more stuffed anyways. ;)

and btw, you gotta get a new server for your choons… either it’s just me and my bad ISP or one can’t download any fast than 3kb/s from your location

oy k303.

Btw thanks for nice review on call the freak ;) Im gonna check out ur freshly squeezed tune now and try to review as i go along. Just bought a pair of ms-16 studio monitors and im pretty amazed at the sound quality, didnt think i was getting this much for that price.

Nice start, had volume on a tad high tho so im suffering from a minor heart attack. Where is that “i feel like” voice from? Very nice symbiotic releationship between the voice and the 303 emu your using. Beats a tad too much “clicks and dips” for my taste, doesnt get enough defined cuz of them. Liked the buildup toward 3:45, nice massive atmosphere, and its even good in the aftermath. Beats getting smunchy again. 4:50 beats getting defined and cool, nice atmosphere again with the tb going with delay in the background. Voice almost sounds like its been timestretched and pitched and if that done its way cool :) lol, nice ending.

To summarize my experience.

  • it was a very well produced song.
  • very nice sounds and it had the panning done correctly.
  • very nice setup of atmosphere.
  • i hope one day i can do producing like this.
  • this song would rock on the dancefloor.
  • k303 made it. :)
  • Not really my style, as said get alittle too much out there.

and btw cant say i noticed any lack of lower frequenzies.

hmm what about loading it up in soundforge and altering the frequencies with some Direct X plugin (Like Q-Metric from steinberg…)


just loaded your song in soundforge, boosting the bass frequencies a bit, and putting the high range a twat louder, volumeslide it a bit, and well,
i find it sounding a bit “fuller”

can mail it back to you if you want?

[not that im pro at mixing it,just gave it a go…]

btw! Encridable Great song!!!

Like it!!

cheers! :drummer:

you made my freakin day keith303. i am burning this song on a cd right now, bringing it on a pre-party im going on soon… pure quality, and class. I am proud to say im a tracker like you :D first you get my head nodding at some genious ‘orbital-soundish’ fresh beat, just to make me start :P then entering the world of new-goa goes breatbeak whatever? ah, man. thumbs up! the voice fits so perfectly to the beat. this is masterclass production.

edit: who is singing btw?


i’ve taken the refrain vocals from lumidee’s crashin’ a party, cuttet, EQed, time-stretched and partially pitched them to suit the tune’s needs.
so that “i feel like” phrase are actually the 1st three words from the refrain.

the original song is a pretty boring and plain hip-hop track, but i somewhat liked the vocals and lumi’s voice so i couldn’t resist. =)

yep, actually it’s “timeshrinked” and partially pitched.

received your mail with the attached mp3.
unfortunately the quality is pretty bad, although it’s encoded @192kbps, the treble got heavily affected by the mp3 encoding algorithm. go for .ogg ;)
however i had already mastered the tune myself again and am meanwhile quite content with the result… my fault was to gain the 120hz region to much… the compression tool i used has an integrated EQ and did that by default which i didn’t notice.
nevertheless, thanksalot for your efforts!

hope my tune didn’t crash that party you went to :P

thanks to all of you for the unexpectedly detailed feedback and criticism!

have heard this kind of stuff 19287519 times before…nothing special, not my cup ov tea…sorry peace out

wow, this makes me wanna hear your extraordinary innovative, never-heard-before, kinda music! links?

thanks for your feedback! :)

I host from my own computer, 10/10 mbit should be enough but some have massive problems leeching from me… I blame the SP2 firewall! (For lack of better ideas)

I’ve applied for some, hoping for a positive response…

still bouncing here

you wont need any ov those. you have your own music pumpin in your car, go dig it. vitun amis

uhm, k - you’re right! B)

this tune kicks massive phat ghetto ass! AWESOME!!

lol @ robert. no offence whatsoever, but you seem kinda stupid. please name a song that has any references like this.

Uhm and Then…RoboterComputah…

:drummer: :drummer:

Yes, it does. B)