New Fusion Song Draft (reference Vocals Only)

The words to this are coming a lot easier than my last couple songs, so the finished product should be soon (at least, finished the sequence version–I’m porting this song over to the band I’m in). These vocals are obviously not the quality of what the final will be–they’re purely reference vocals. I’m still trying to decide on whether I want to add another chorus on the end of the song, and whether I want to put some sort of short transitional pattern for the transition between the verses and the choruses…

Anyway, here’s a new one:

Impressed again, cant wait to hear what you put together with your band on this! Interesting melody indeed and nice singing but I’m sorry I cant follow lyrics (its just an attention span thing, got lost in the overall track - they sounded good hehe)

:D Thanks. You can’t follow the lyrics on this version because there are no lyrics yet (also, there’s no real feeling put into the vocals yet–the recording is pretty much the first time I came up with the melody). When I make vocals, I make the melody first, then I make the lyrics to match. This version is before I’ve come up with the lyrics. As far as what’s written down since I recorded this test version yesterday, I have about 3/4 of the lyrics done. It truly won’t be long and I’ll have the lyrics done.

The one thing I’m still wondering about though is whether I should add another chorus on the very end instead of the song sort-of cutting off after the last verse…

Here are some of the lyrics I have so far:

Drop me off by my mind
Near the bay
It’s on the way
Checked my list now I can recline
What’s freewill?
What’s freewill?
Drop me off near my soul
It’s all near the face of time

Come between to face the crime
the signs with many names
Ride it out till you don’t feel
the thorns of many pains
A sewing needle to the junction
Between sane and crazed
Lord knows I should be through

Dropped right on the head of something
I don’t understand
Tucked right under threats of something
I will never try
Fears of crushing my pride with an
Error in my judgment
No way to find my peace

So drop me off by my mind
Near the bay
It’s on the way
I insist I must recline
What’s freewill?
What’s freewill?
Drop me off at the register
Does life take checks?

honestly, I find this song to be too similar to your latest one. Just like a “part two” :)

Which song? The last one I posted was the-gamey-song, and I don’t see that as being similar at all.

If it matches up with another one of my songs, maybe I can combine them into one song–have a more epic song.

Hmm… do you mean “Numb”? That song had a similar timing, and the verses had a similar rhythmic pattern. But you might be talking about another song…

yes, sorry: I meant “Numb”. As you remarked, the vocal melody and the signature are indeed similar.

Not that I dislike this new song, but it looks like you’re searching for a “style”, which is something you didn’t do before. Always exploring is something I admire in composers.

Actually, I didn’t realize that I had used those patterns that much until I started thinking about the Numb song. Hmm… I was trying to be original and ended up copying myself. Argh… I still like the song, but I’m starting to wonder if I should change the verses so it’s not so similar.

is this made in the spirit of gentle giant?
reminds me a bit of something from the album
“the power and the glory” but i wont say it’s a
ripoff… :)

is this intended for a guitar band?

absolutly liking this 100%

heres a band im really like, only known about them
for some years and havent gotten around to listening
to all theyr stuff yet, but that will come.

circles end (streaming links)…sp?band_id=2618

It definitely has influence from Gentle Giant, Bill Bruford, and King Crimson (from the Red and Lark’s Tongue in Aspic period)

The band I’m in has 6 members. Bass player, drummer, two guitarists, I’m on keys and half the main vocals, and the other vocalist (he sings more like AC/DC meets Robert Plant and I sing, well, the way I sing–Mel Torme meets George Michael meets Depeche Mode–except when it’s just a test version of vocals and I’m first making the vocal lines, then I just sound like sh!t )

The band you sent a link to is pretty cool. I particularly like “in dialogue with the moon”. Thanks for this cool link!

For a link to when the band I’m in was a 5 piece, when I was focusing purely on vocals, is at