New Label Opened

hello everyone!
a new label based on experimental\electronic music is opened at

have fun!

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Maybe you can reply with something renoise related, or something, and tempt me not to report this as spam?

I always find it weird when people class themselves as a label then have their stuff hosting on mediafire of the like.

And being in Off Topic would probably been good enough to not call it spam, even with a single post, as it’s not like the person is flooding the board.

Ah Nice!!

I always thought there weren’t enough online netlabels for electronic music! :D

The guys clearly giveing a chance for people to have a voice? Check out some of the track names… definitly tracker related i believe… So esentiallly maby it IS renoise related? Giving Renoise artists the ability to but a place for their t00nz? no? Am I wrong? …menh. Fuck it? SPAMMER HANG HIM BY HIS BALLS!!! lol!


You would not convince me to remove that post.
The hosting supplier may be a poor choice (using mediafire as your file-server :o, even for a non-professional and non-commercial label there are far better free alternatives for music hosting).
Yet there’s nothing on the site that seems to indicate we should have to buy blue pills there or other stuff that seems to make all the ladies fall on their knees for you.
(I don’t know yet how good the music works on the ladies, but anything music related i don’t consider spam)
If you want my advise:Ditch mediafire and go for bandcamp or soundcloud or whatever suits your label more. Also allows you to post streaming gadgets on your page.

Yups and just one post, all indications a spammer has.

But have you actually checked out some tracks?
Honestly, do that first, experience before judging :)
The only bad thing that could be is plagiarism here which i can’t judge because i haven’t heard this stuff before.

Who cares if it was mildly spammy. Sure it should of been in Off Topic from the start, not posted in General, but that is an easy mistake to make on this board. It hasn’t been cross-posted around the boards and is at least related to music. Shame it seems the guy may of just gone to as many music related forums as he could and posted the link, never to return to see if people even reply commenting on the link he’s posted though. I see no reason to even really consider removing it though.

Maybe move the thread to the song forum, at least?

PS: Here’s a good example on how to it. Same deal, a post count of 1, label promo, but at least he explains what he’s doing and how it relates to Renoise. Simple courtesy goes a long way, ya know?

Good times.